Tableaux vivants in the cathedral: great success for the show on Caravaggio’s masterpieces

Whirlwind of emotions and applause on stage in the Cathedral of Molfetta for the show “The Conversion of a Horse”. 23 living paintings reproduce famous masterpieces by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, thanks to actors, dancers and models who become the protagonists of the project with their bodies.

The performers of the show “The Conversion of a Horse”, built with the tableaux vivants technique, reproduce Merisi’s canvases under the eyes of the spectators, with the help of props and polychrome drapes, generating a great emotional impact and a suggestive scenic force. A single cut of light illuminates the scene framed in an imaginary frame, with visual changes rhythmically marked by the music of Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Sibelius. The body theater work was born as a didactic project in the Luigi Vanvitelli Faculty of Architecture in 2006, already protagonist in the Capodimonte Museum, then on tour in museums, galleries, squares, churchyards.

Words of satisfaction from the mayor Tommaso Minervini regarding what the Christmas program of events is offering: «This is the first month of December that we are living in full normality after so many restrictions that even a year ago, albeit in a phase of leaving the pandemic, they have conditioned us. Now in Molfetta there is a strong desire to recover what was lost in those two years and this program of initiatives and events has just that purpose. Art is always a salvation for all of us and enjoying a similar show here is something really satisfying for all citizens».

Before the event we also listened to the artistic director of the exhibition, Pantaleo Annese: «We are delighted to be here today to bring an event of incredible importance to a symbolic place in Molfetta, a tribute to the artist who introduced us to the shadow in art but which at the same time opened humanity to the light. The schedule of events strongly desired by the administration and the DUC has the aim of promoting our territory and all its beauties, giving life or new life to the many cultural containers that have come on in recent weeks to put Molfetta back at the center and give it prominence in the context not only of the city but also of the region”.

The Councilor for Commerce of the City of Molfetta and president of the DUC of Molfetta, Carmela Minuto, underlines: «In the program of the Christmas of Wonders, we have privileged the feast full of spirituality, so that everyone can remember the value of peace and coexistence in solidarity. But above all we wanted to help the proximity trade of our operators who have been severely tested by the pandemic with these initiatives that favor purchases, without asking for sponsors or any kind of contribution from the traders. Our effort wants to give people back the pleasure of shopping in the center after a long time».

In closing, we have collected the statements of Francesco Tammacco, artistic consultant of this December in Molfetta: «The events thought up by the entire organizational machine of this beautiful month are oriented towards the enhancement of the territory, put into practice with activities that interest everyone, young and old . The support of the Urban District of Commerce and the Department of Commerce was fundamental in bringing new flows of people both to the historic center and to the Molfetta shopping streets. Bringing Caravaggio back to life here where there are many canvases by another artistic talent, Corrado Giaquinto, made this show even more special».

Tableaux vivants in the cathedral: great success for the show on Caravaggio’s masterpieces