Love yourself more

Being well with you is the basis for everything else to move towards well-being.

Therefore, I make you a proposal: that your main purpose for 2023 is to have a healthy relationship with who you are; I reiterate, the other relationships depend on an adequate relationship with your interior.

Understanding you, accepting you, valuing you and therefore loving you, ends up mediating the management you do of the skills and abilities with which you face all your projects and relationships.

Many of the mistakes, frustrations and conflicts that you can go through have their primary cause in the disagreement between what you are and the perception you have of yourself.

That is why today I think it is necessary to work on five aspects that help you find a greater harmony with yourself:

1. Encourage yourself to live in a constant, evolutionary and sincere process of self-knowledge, which allows you to have a complete map of your abilities, your shortcomings, your opportunities and what could affect your life. In summary, being aware of who you are, accepting yourself as you have found yourself and thus giving yourself space to grow and give your best version. Do not despise yourself for any of your characteristics, they are an integral part of your life, they do not define you; but assuming them is the only way to find opportunities to fulfill yourself.

2. Like yourself, don’t let any comments of your own or others lead you to not value your physical appearance. Goodbye to the intrusions that think of your body, remember that these always come from complexes, stories and experiences of others, that have little or nothing to do with you. You can always improve, but from the certainty that you are someone valuable. Enjoy who you are and how you look.

3. Praising and rewarding yourself is a positive way of thanking yourself for what you do with your existence. This exercise can be more rewarding than waiting for recognition from others, external reactions cannot be controlled, nor do they depend on you. Adequate self-motivation is part of your intervention, because you understand the limits that you exceed, it is you who recognizes and values ​​the benefits that you will obtain in your projects. The best stimulus plan is the one you consider in front of a mirror.

4. Trust yourself, for who you are and because trust is an attitude that transpires, it is very difficult to trust someone who constantly doubts himself and projects himself as someone incapable. Assertively review your qualities and abilities so that from there you can generate the self-image of security that you require to enjoy life.

Walter Rizo refers to these four fundamental pillars to grow in self-esteem with the following ideas:

Self-concept (what you think of yourself), Self-image (how much you like yourself), Self-reinforcement (how much you reward yourself), and Self-efficacy (how much you trust yourself).

5. Finally, I invite you to live a healthy spiritual experience, which will lead you to value yourself and understand your condition from love. Spirituality must be born in the recognition that we are God’s creation, that the power of the infinite is in our hearts. Whoever has a spiritual praxis is capable of loving himself and projecting himself as a blessing to others. This is how any temptation to selfishness is overcome. Spirituality always throws us towards the other, to help him and let us help.

Loving you properly is my invitation to a meaningful life in 2023.

Love yourself more