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TOcraftsmanship, knowledge, symbology And numerology. The world that lies behind the jewelry brand Letter33 it is magnetic, captivating. Barbara Cancelli, founder and creative mind, has been nourished by art and knowledge since she was very young, ranging from graphics to design, up to fashion and advertising. You train at the iconic Milanese address of Studio Convertino working for Mister Fantasy, alternating walks in the Brera between paintings by Caravaggio and Raphael, getting to know people of the caliber of Milton Glaser (who invented the ILNY logo) e Elio Fiorucci. From graphics it then passes to post production, investigating the areas of advertising and video games. He works with important fashion brands, designing scarves for Gucci and collaborating with Swatches.

Then, in 2007, he timidly approaches the jewel. She, who has never worn bijoux, begins a methodical and in-depth study of this fascinating craft as a game. In research in the goldsmith field you support insights into the field of Kabbalahof psychology and religions. Exploiting that numerical and visual link between lettering and symbology was born Letter33which encloses a world made of spiritual elements, stories and attention to detail. Which translate into jewels with a rare character, precious value and profound sentimentality.

Letter 33 told by Barbara Cancelli

Let’s start where it all begins, what does the name Letera 33 mean?
33 is the spiritual master number, power and energy. Accompanied by the spiritual sign, it symbolizes the growth. It is a very inspiring number that represents positive emotions. Called gematria in Kabbalah, numerology gives it the meaning of growth implemented through the awakening of spirituality. Letera33 is the word that in Esperanto means letter/epistle“.

Symbols, letters, words: which of your creations are you most fond of?
The classic escapulary, where the 7 wise men, the 7 wise men, the 7 deadly sins and finally the 7 chakras that connect to Kabbalah are engraved. I am in this jewel enclosed our rootswhich are identified through the search for one’s Guardian Angel (according to the Jewish Kabbalah) and engraved on a necklace that becomes custom made“.

The Eastern Escapulary.

Is it also the jewel most appreciated by your customers?
Yes very much. In fact I would like to carry on the project by extending it to the japanese culture, of which I am strongly passionate, and the Italian one. Among the most loved jewels there is also theeye of Allah, beautiful in its simplicity. Entirely hand painted and dried naturally in the open air“.

What techniques do you use for your creations?
Each jewel has different ones. For the escapulario, the is used first fusionthen planning and processing via computer, finally a laser engraving. Gold is the favorite material for this jewel, which is complemented by charms chosen by the client, from the star of David to the cross, to the wing which is always present and in contrast. For the animal collection the base is done first, then a restorer paints it and lets each color dry naturally. Seeing them, so small, you don’t always understand the quantity and quality of work behind it. They can request up to 3 days of laborthus also justifying the selling price“.

The characteristics that will never be missing in a Letera33 jewel?
Craftsmanship is for me a factor of uniqueness. I like to work small quantities, because the product developed in series is not exclusive. Another theme very dear to me is that of sustainability. We promote it through a production only on sale, through the disposal of raw materials in a controlled and green way, as well as with recycled packaging“.

What jewelry does she wear every day?
Although I have been doing this job for almost 15 years, I wear very little jewelry. I always have a pinky ring where it is engraved internally the symbol of the Lambafrom the masculine escapulario, which represents the strength of the Spartans through an inverted V. Recite: You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. It’s a’escapulary Oriental which I never take off. It’s so powerful that when I go out in a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans I feel complete. And it is noticed, despite its small size, thanks to the attention to detail“.

What is a jewel today?
It’s something extremely personal. An object to which, thanks to its history and its roots, we become attached. A piece of self from which it can become almost impossible to separate“.

The eye of Allah bracelet.

Where can you buy Letera33 jewels?
Given their handcrafted and Made in Italy nature, Letera33 jewels are now only available at exclusive points of sale. In Milan, for example, in via Marghera 31 at Curiosità Jewels“.

What’s in the future of the brand?
Everything is changing so much that it is very difficult for me to program. If initially the desire was to have a few points of sale around the world, especially in Japan, which supported the artisanal nature of the product. Now there is the project of one online storecapable of maintaining the identity and the limited production“. letter33

Esculario Ganesh with madala.

“Letter33 it has a lot of potential and so I try to develop it little by little, it’s in the drawer many projects which I am sure, slowly, will come to life.


Letera33 jewels: an interview with the founder Barbara Cancelli | iO Woman