La Pietra also conquers Stefano Accorsi: “Here history, nature and spirituality have created a unique combination”

The Reggio mountaineers have one more reason to feel proud of their territory, after Ligabue’s visit to Cervarezza, Stefano Accorsi also wanted to praise the Apennines by publishing beautiful words for the Pietra di Bismantova on his Facebook profile.

“’Montasi up in Bismantova in cacume / with it the feet; but here it is convenient for him to fly ‘, are verses from the fourth canto of the Purgatory in which Dante Alighieri quotes the Pietra di Bismantova. According to the reconstructions, the poet saw the Stone during a trip in 1306 and was so impressed by its appearance that he included it in the Divine Comedy; there are those who even claim that he modeled the image of the mountain of Purgatory according to his style. What is so special about this mountain? Formed 15 million years ago in what is now the territory of the Municipality of Castelnovo ne ‘Monti in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the Pietra di Bismantova stands out against the surrounding environment like a ship in the middle of the sea; the summit is a flat space, without a real summit, and the walls drop sheer.

Its profile is unmistakable, which is why the amazement it arouses in those who see it has remained unchanged over the centuries; here history, nature and spirituality have created a unique combination. We are inside the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the biodiversity of this environment is very rich and there are many species of flora and fauna that populate it, to the point that the territory has been recognized as a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Its particular shape makes it very accessible: an ideal destination for those who simply love walking in nature, even with children, but also for the more sporty and climbing enthusiasts who come from all over the world. Once the pilgrims reached barefoot the hermitage dedicated to the Madonna del Latte located at the foot of the Stone, today the sanctuary, rich in 15th century frescoes, has been restored and is also home to a multifunctional center. The final goal is the same for everyone: to reach the highest part to admire the wonderful panorama.

I warn you, after the visit you may feel nostalgic, but don’t worry, you have been struck by what the locals call “mal d’la Preda” (the disease of the Stone), to cure it you just need to go back and visit it! ” – we read in a post on his Facebook page.

The well-known actor is testimonial of the region’s art and culture offer, telling the beauties of Emilia-Romagna with videos, posts and podcasts on his social profiles and among cities of art, monuments and splendid views, the “Prey” certainly could not be missing. .

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La Pietra also conquers Stefano Accorsi: “Here history, nature and spirituality have created a unique combination” – Redacon