Israel, the Galilee of tradition: from Cana to the places of the spiritual…

On foot along the paths of faith, the Gospel trial which takes 4 days from Nazareth to biblical places is just one of the possibilities offered by the region, or by bike on Lake Tiberias or even skiing ideas for living to the fullest the region north of Jerusalem

Israel, a welcoming and generous land, offers visitors extraordinary nature and a mild climate throughout the year, allowing them to enjoy 365 days of nature and archeology. A gentle itinerary in this corner of the Middle East can only start from the Galilee, the northern region of the state – about 80 kilometers wide and 100 long – an area that boasts modern infrastructures alongside a thousand-year history – photo | video

WALKING AMONG THE HOLY PLACES OF GALILEE – Walking in the Galilee is a mode of travel that still few practice: but tackling simple and not impervious routes allows you to better discover the unedited aspects of the territory. Starting from the “Path of the Gospel” an itinerary that remains imprinted in the memory of pilgrims for a long time. Everywhere – Kursi, Korazim, Magdala, Megiddo (the biblical Armageddon) – narrates its quarter-year history. TO Zipporahthe Byzantine Sepphoris capital of this region in the first centuries of the first millennium AD, you can admire mosaics incomparable for their expressive beauty.

CYCLING TOURISM IS POPULAR IN ISRAEL – All those who love slow tourism can easily rent bicycles and frequent cycle paths: cycle tourism in Israel is also popular, as are jeep tours, day and night, as well as more traditional water sports. In the Galilee in particular you can practice swimming and water skiing, paragliding and rafting in the Jordan River. Always a favorite destination for local vacationers, the whole area has a lot to offer to nature lovers. In addition to water activities, hot springs, spas, national parks, don’t miss the autumn spectacle of 8 million migratory birds dotting the skies. Galilee has played a fundamental role in Jewish history, both as a center of spirituality and because in these areas the pioneers of the period preceding the foundation of the State of Israel created the “kibbutzim”, the first collective settlements in the country.

A MILLENNIAL HISTORY: THE GOSPEL TRAIL – The Gospel Trail, or the “Path of the Gospel”, guarantees everyone the possibility of a gentle and slow journey: four days for an average of 14 km per day. It starts from Nazarethfrom the so-called Monte del Precipizio, a panoramic point, and you arrive at Capernaum. The secondary routes, on the other hand, are shorter thanks to a fork that leads directly from the main road to the historic centers of the Galilee. From Nazareth you can admire Mount Tabor, you reach the Church of the Transfiguration, Canathe Turan Valleythe Golani Junction and the Hattin horns, where the clash between the Crusader army and the armies led by Saladin took place. The Gospel Trail then continues north along the biblical Sea of ​​Galilee, also known as Lake Tiberias, the largest freshwater lake in Israel. A stop to be privileged is Magdala, where a 3rd century synagogue was recently brought to light.

NORTHERN GALILEE – Greener and wilder is the northern part of the Galilee that Israelis love to visit for the possibility of practicing activities outdoors: from horse riding to bird watchingfrom the canoe, to rafting, to fishing. And even skiing in the winter time. There are also the Banias waterfalls and the Hula nature reserve, center of migratory bird routes. The highest peaks are a Safedon the heights of Mount Canaan. Holy city for the Talmud – which would have given rise to the study of the Kabbalah – in recent decades it has been appreciated by numerous artists who have established their residence there.

THE SWEETNESS OF LAKE TIBERIAS – Always a destination for international tourism, Lake Tiberias is also the right place for a romantic holiday. The healing effects of its thermal springs have been known for centuries, the subtropical climate (in summer up to 35 degrees Celsius, in winter around 21) and high atmospheric pressure (the city is 200 meters below sea level) guarantee a particular microclimate. Founded by Herod Antipas in 18 AD in honor of the Roman emperor and named after him, Tiberias became a center of Jewish studies in the 3rd century, the glories of ancient Hamat Tiberias have been described by the historian Flavius ​​Josephus. Today the large hotels and the city centre, spas and sports facilities overlook the lake directly.

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Israel, the Galilee of tradition: from Cana to the places of the spiritual…