How can I be helpful in times of chaos?

At present, a universal conversation is taking place in all corners of the planet, there is a kind of sacred activism that counteracts the chaos and despair that is experienced simultaneously.

In a subtle, but at the same time forceful way, people are realizing that the world is part of a mystical universe, not only political, financial, legal or material.

The more than 7,000 million people who inhabit planet Earth have asked themselves or will ask themselves at some point during their passage through this earthly and temporary life, what am I doing here? What was I thrown into existence for?

Many of us will stop to think and reflect until we find the purpose or meaning of our lives, that is, we will set ourselves the spiritual task of discovering that sacred contract that we must honor, so that our lives leave a mark that contributes to building a better world. and more human.

So, if you are one of those souls who asks today: How can I be useful in times of chaos? You are already traveling the path towards enlightenment and awareness, to understand that it is not money, nor power, much less protest or criticism, that is going to transform the world, but spirituality lived in a profound and genuine.

The world does not change because of the violent protests of the groups that rise up in a brutal way, to demand changes at the point of stones, shouts or shotguns.

Nations are not transformed by killing and suffocating their most defenseless citizens at the point of grenades filled with poisoned ego; the world will change when we are able to change it with our example, because you cannot ask for love with kicks, you cannot ask for tolerance with punches and this is what every day is breaking our hurt humanity into a thousand pieces, sometimes starting with our homes.

In my reflections I always emphasize the responsibility that each one has, from wherever they are, to be useful for the construction of a fraternal and serene world, but there will never be peace in the world if there is no peace in our hearts.

Spirituality is not just religiosity, spirituality is not just repetition of prayers, true spirituality is born when you have so much courage that you dare to meet yourself with your lights and your shadows, when you take responsibility for your personal transformation to build your best version , when you work on yourself to destroy the ego that chains you, when you heal your history of pain to free your heart of resentment.

You reach true spirituality when you hit rock bottom, fall face down, shed your ego and get to immerse yourself in the deepest pain, in the death of your being a victim or your resentful being, to renounce it and thus become someone capable to illuminate, to shine and to reconcile with each of your wounds.

The souls of all humanity are crying out for a single God to manifest, the new generations are rejecting all manifestations of religious divisions, social exclusions and authoritarian moral norms.

We all need to feel a universal God within us who does not punish, who does not divide, who embraces us and comforts us all equally, as his great universal family.

My invitation today is for you to search within yourself for the answer to the most important question you have ever asked yourself:

How can I be useful and contribute to those I love? How can my life be useful for my city? How can my existence have a transcendent purpose for my nation and in the end for my universe? How to get out of myself to meet others?

Start by doing this spiritual exercise: ask yourself today: What am I doing every day to give myself freely and altruistically to the world? Do my actions, thoughts, words and choices build life and prosperity?

You can become a parasite of society, you can become a bacterium that infects and sickens the world around you or, on the other hand, you can choose to be an injection of light and hope that penetrates and heals each one of your cells, that from your be deeper radiate love.

We all need to live an intense process of metanoia, that in Greek it means transformation or conversion understood as an inner metamorphosis that arises from the soul when we feel dissatisfied with ourselves.

This word is also used in Christian theology, it represents conversion and evolution, when the soul has an encounter with God and then experiences a divine revelation, an epiphany, an enlightenment.

The anguish, anxiety, loneliness and conflict that we experience due to emotional pain and daily trials should not remain an empty and meaningless suffering, our spiritual evolution will occur when we are able to transform it into a fertile suffering that of fruits, therefore, it is then our responsibility to stop to find the meaning of adversity and thus transform it into metanoia; that would be the most valuable personal spiritual victory.

We live in a world of chaos, because people fail to understand that the world crisis is not economic, political or social, the current crisis is absolutely spiritual.

Transformation and personal healing will be the path that will lead us to a new era, in which people no longer seek entertainment and satisfaction of their senses, but the fullness lived deeply in the soul; therefore, spirituality is the only sacred medicine to heal our broken humanity.

The world is not a visible material place in chaos, the world is absolutely, although we do not see it, a place where the souls of people pass temporarily struggling to achieve their spiritual evolution.

My pill for the soul:

Your life can only be useful if you leave the world of darkness that surrounds you and that you have sometimes created yourself; to build a being capable of illuminating his environment with his actions, his words and his thoughts.

Decide to give up protest, criticism, resentment, the victim and empower yourself spiritually, so that you give yourself to the world, giving the best of yourself.

The world does not change with your protests, nor your aggressions, the world changes with your example and your actions.

How can I be helpful in times of chaos?