Giannino Piana will present his book at the festival of Human Dignity

Humanism for the digital age is programmatically entitled the last volume by Giannino Piana, with the subtitle Anthropology, ethics, spirituality, previewed at the festival of Human Dignity on Saturday 8 October at 4 pm at the Marazza Foundation in Borgomanero with an intervention by Franco Garelli, of the University of Turin. In the wake of this year’s theme of the review, ‘Education, a challenge to change’, the author investigates contemporaneity with the lens of ethics and anthropology in a guide to face our time with conscience and awareness.

“It is a very fruitful reflection that Giannino Piana offers us in this work dedicated to the fate of the human in contemporary society, in an era in which a large part of the world population is experiencing new and radical forms of bewilderment”, so Franco Garelli comments. ‘works in the concluding notes of the book, framing the context in which a study and research work that deserves to be valued and shared is inserted.

The author, dean of Italian moral theologians, in fact highlights the limits and possibilities of the innovations of science and technology, between social and artificial intelligence, which have transformed everyday life and caused “a state of existential unease, which requires, in order to be properly addressed, a balanced approach “. The suggested itinerary foresees three moments in which a “perspective of integral growth of the person and a harmonious tone to the forms of civil coexistence and the promotion of social conscience” is imagined, to accompany the reader on a journey to discover the inner conscience.

It is an overall view of Humanism for the digital age that shuns sterile judgments and seeks instead to draw solid pillars from a constantly changing situation to lead a satisfying life on an ethical and moral level. “Anthropology, ethics and spirituality are intertwined” in a path that for Giannino Piana sees the three aspects integrate each other, thus defining “moments of the human and Christian experience to which we must refer if we intend to make a fundamental contribution to the construction of a new humanism”.

Giannino Piana, former professor of Christian ethics at the Free University of Urbino and of ethics and economics at the University of Turin, was President of the ATISM – Italian Theological Association for the study of Morals. He directed the Morale Course in 6 vols with Tullo Goffi. (ed. Queriniana) and with Francesco Compagnoni and Salvatore Privitera the New Dictionary of Moral Theology (San Paolo). He also directed with Giuseppe Ruggieri the series ‘Theological Chronicles’ and ‘Morals’ and currently directs ‘Questioni di etica theologica’ with Aristide Fumagalli, ‘Ethics and days’ with Paolo Allegra and ‘Polis’ with Paolo Allegra and Biagio Bonardi, all of the Citadel of Assisi. With Interlinea he has published Sapienza e vita everyday (1999) and A life on the side of the poor (2022).


Giannino Piana will present his book at the festival of Human Dignity