November 8 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse: What the Beaver Full Moon has in store for us

This Full Moon under the sign of Scorpio is very important. Firstly because it is the Full Moon of the Beaver, a tradition set up by the Amerindian tribes corresponding to the period of hibernation of the beavers. But also because this astral event occurs at the same time as the lunar eclipse, that is to say that the Moon, usually facing the sun, is here hidden in the shadow of the Earth.

When there is an eclipse, we are invited to free ourselves from all the negative energies stored in the sign where the sun is (here, it is Scorpio), then to turn to the positive energies of the sign where the sun is. find the moon (here it is Taurus).

Harness the energies of Scorpio

The sign of Scorpio is the sign of the depths. It is thanks to him that our life is intense, that we experience strong feelings, magic in our life and that we have the pleasure of connecting deeply to others. With Scorpio, we feel alive!

But to fully receive this beneficial nourishment, it is sometimes necessary to carry out a cleaning in this sign: this eclipse gives us the opportunity to do so.

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Concretely, it will be a question of freeing oneself from all the negative energies stored in Scorpio (regardless of our sun sign) which are the accumulation of “bad thoughts” emitted or received, judgment, violent words, spells or curses. who were thrown (knowingly or unknowingly) in a moment of anger. It is not a question here of playing at being scared or sinking into guilt, but rather, with lucidity, of deciding to pacify all this and recover all our projections and judgments that we have made vis-à-vis the others.

Whatever our good reasons for giving ourselves the right to judge, it’s time to step back and put love back into our relationships in order to free our guts of all old grudges. This process is most likely not very pleasant, as we rarely look at our shadows, our ego preferring to throw the blame outside. And yet, this personal examination is the promise of a great gift: a deep liberation that will give way to positive power, to joy, to a renewed and revitalized relational universe (to learn more, check out my video on the November 8 eclipse).

Rituals for releasing negative energies

The sun is accompanied by Mercury and Venus. So it’s time to verbalize, to write, to recite, to deliver love and beauty.

If you realize that in the past you had bad thoughts about someone or sent curses to them, now is the time to ask their soul for forgiveness. For example, you can recite in a loop Ho’oponopono mantra : I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. Do this until you feel a deep relief.

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If you are currently in conflict with someone and you consider the wrongs to be shared, take the time to recite this mantra until trust emerges in your mind.

If in the past you have let yourself be carried away by anger in words or actions, take the time to recite this same mantra, and when you feel that you have released yourself from the shame and embarrassment of having done wrong , you can send a letter (or an e-mail!) to apologize for this error. This is not a symbolic act, but a real letter, addressed to the person concerned. It should be written in conscience, and above all without expecting to be forgiven. Do it for yourself, for your soul, in self-love and in peace. The ability to recognize our mistakes is the most beautiful manifestation of power.

Finally, thanks to this deep cleansing, you will be able to turn to the energies of Taurus, feeling in your body all the benefits that this provides when your soul is lighter. Thus, you will go through this time of eclipse as a deep regeneration.

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November 8 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse: What the Beaver Full Moon has in store for us