Murgia becomes liberal, the next rave all at his house

I have nothing against people who rave about pretending to explain the world to us, moreover it is full and you can’t continually risk cirrhosis for a plethora of inept, provided that once vented then they return to the cages from which they come. Unfortunately, it never goes like this: perhaps because it is the majority, or because they take a finger harpoon up to the rib cage, they continue to squawk until someone falls into it, even if it is due to exhaustion. So, the schwa, the matria, the insults to Giorgia Meloni launched in the company of her partner Saviano were not enough (under the aegis of the usual disgusting double standard for which “you don’t feel right with yourself” if you don’t defend the usual notes and don’t breathe, according to diktat, for all the others), and passed off as culture to stem the drift of Michela Murgia, another usual note more for militancy than for what she writes, most of the time absurd balls, good for the fireplace this winter especially in the absence of alternatives to warm up, but you can’t say because, if her literary genius – according to her – is not recognized, the vestal of feminism buries the layman under an avalanche of insults once a kilo: but the fascists are the others, God forbid, in spite of free opinion.

The writer defends the illegal gathering

She does not pay for the pearls produced up to now, evidently she lacked another murgiata (dear reader, in order not to fall into the sinister vulgarity of a machista mold I will call them like this: murgiate, ed) to add to the collection, and therefore providentially came to her aid that masterpiece of political equidistance that is the TV program Eight and a Half, in which the “writer” says, about the rave in Modena, that it is more than fair, lawful and dutiful to overdo it and it is not a crime at all: that would explain many, if not all of his releases, in fact. And yet the reasoning fits perfectly into the murgiapensiero: if an action is criminal, it is sufficient to abrogate the crime, especially if you do not consider it as such on the basis of your very personal penal code. An illegal immigrant slaughters a priest? Let’s abolish clandestinity. During an unauthorized rave do they break through in the thousands as if there is no tomorrow with annexes and connections? We liberalize drugs: in its delusional Manichaeism, a true home of liberties.

Einaudi publishes “God save the Queer”

After all, she is still the nice humorist who, as a guest of Bignardi, wished for another bit of Covid to circulate quietly in airports and on roads that are usually inaccessible because invaded by plebeians. To crown the delirium, his new book, published by Einaudi. The publisher of Cesare Pavese, the same publisher who dared to refuse Guido Morselli, today publishes “God save the Queer”: what is not done to bring home the loaf and is valid for both, after all, the wave must be ridden. At the third “e” overturned I wanted to go to Turin to demonstrate: how could you have reduced yourself like this? I understand that pecunia non olet, however, there is a limit to everything, even if it must be acknowledged that being known to say absurd and blatantly false banalities is a masterpiece of cunning, a gift that the author of such a grammatical product is obviously not lacking : ”The believer is not an illogical subject who undergoes the experience of faith on an emotional or instinctive level, but someone who is able to explain his or her spiritual motivations and who, on the contrary, must always consider himself ready to do so. Moreover, if Christian faith were not a faith that can be accounted for, what would distinguish it from the plot of QAnon, from the reptilian3 or from3 terrapiattist3, which would be capable3 of denying the terrestrial sphericity even if Cristoforetti himself took all3 into orbit ascertain it? “. So, if you take her seriously, how could she not assume that she is actually surrounded by idiots? Hi Michela, you are extraordinaryə.

Murgia becomes liberal, the next rave all at his house