Christine Kelly “marked by spirituality”: “I say my prayer before each show” – Gala

As she posts Freedoms without expression to the editions of Cherche Midi, Christine Kelly confided, during an interview granted to opinion, published this Wednesday, June 8. The CNews journalist returned in particular to her childhood and her education, “marked by spirituality“.

Christine Kelly decided to tell herself. In a book titled Freedoms without expressionwhich is scheduled for publication this Thursday, June 9th at the editions of Cherche Midi, Éric Zemmour’s former colleague told his story and delivered his vision of journalism. On the occasion of this news, the interested party granted an interview to our colleagues from Opinion this Wednesday, June 8. After talking about his career, but also death threats of which she was the object, Christine Kelly is return to educationstrict” which she received being a child. “It was a Protestant upbringing, marked by spirituality“, she explained. And to add: “It’s what drives my on-air listening skills today, every day.”

Immersed in religion from an early age, the CNews reporter has a ritual before each airing: “I pray before every show“, she revealed in the pages of Opinion. A confidence that Christine Kelly had already made, duringan interview with, last April:I don’t do a show without praying before the air. Life for me is not only material. It is also asking yourself what message you want to convey. It’s spiritual“, estimated the one who is in charge of Facing the news on CNews.

A difficult and violent childhood

Christine Kelly’s life has no not been a long calm river. If she gives the image of a strong woman on the air, Lea’s mother has deep wounds, dating back to childhood. The former CSA member grew up in a home where blows rained down.I was a battered child, but I was also kidnapped until the age of 20she revealed, Galain October 2020. For years, she suffered confinement and humiliation: “My parents read my mail before giving it to me. They hung up on all my friends who called me. They came to pick me up from college, my class schedule in hand,” remembered the one who ended up thinking he was “normal to live under the blows”.

However, the journalist decided to forgive his parents : “Without forgiveness, it is impossible to move forward in life. Forgiveness frees and allows you to build yourself. So I forgave my mother at 20, my father at 30, when they recognized the harm they had done to me”, told the one who washis own shrink“. If she feels that she”didn’t come out badly“, the journalist is aware that The way is still long : “It’s not over: repairing yourself is life’s work.”

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Christine Kelly “marked by spirituality”: “I say my prayer before each show” – Gala