Arcadia 2: Love Will Tear Us Apart

It’s a really crazy world, the one told by Jacopo Camagni and Marco B. Bucci in Arcadia 2 edited by Sandwiches Comics. The war between the Green Hand militias led by Becky and the armies of King Taranis shakes the foundations of Arcadia. Between unexpected vendettas, titanic clashes and shocking revelations, the saga created by Bucci and Camagni moves with decisive steps towards grimdark territories. It’s love? There’s that too, but don’t trust anyone who says it always triumphs: here it breaks hearts. Get ready, because the end is near and you are not ready.

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Authors: Marco B. Bucci, Jacopo Camagni
Exit date: Oct 27, 2022
Product Type: Comics
Pages: 112
Format: 17X26
Binding: Hardcover
Interior: Colors
Price: €18.00

In this second volume of the saga that continues the adventures begun with Name Omen, Becky, the protagonist of this narrative universe, can count on the magical support of his congregation, made up of other versions of himself who inhabit different parallel universes. And she has never been more powerful, surpassing even the power of her main enemy, King Taranis. Between intrigues, betrayals and unexpected alliances, the war that is played out on the battlefield of magic and technology could soon come to a conclusion.

But the insane destruction Becky unleashes with her magic is still something no one expected, not even her most trusted allies. Through anger, remorse and hatred, Becky will have to make a journey to the origin of all the pain she has caused, the suffering she feels and the suffering she has caused in others. To understand how to close her wound that tears her and put an end to the ongoing war.

Cover Variant by Francesco Mattina

With this new volume what had been built so far, in Name Omen before and in Arcadia then, it seems to find its climax. The structuring of a world that lives halfway between magic, legends and the latest generation technology made up of VR viewers and 3D printing has taken the protagonists of these adventures and literally thrown them onto a battlefield that does not admit more compromises and arouses amazement and turmoil in the reader. A new chapter in the impressive saga, constantly poised on the edge of a sense of justice that has become revenge, in which all the protagonists reach the culmination of their story and our certainties about good and bad are definitively questioned.

Camagni and Bucci once again they give us a fantastic story that wonderfully deals with ancestral magic and spirituality, and once again they give us quotes and easter eggs close to our era and pop culture. In addition in Arcadia 2, as icing on the cake, they give us the clash between two huge figures that dominate the skyscrapers, in an epic battle reminiscent of those between kaiju.

This new volume of Jacopo Camagni and Marco B. Bucci it is, as they have already accustomed us to in the other volumes, a bomb of strong emotions, but also an epic tale that never ceases to amaze us and reaches still unexplored peaks. The impact of the involvement given by Arcadia 2 is also due to a graphic sector that never disappoints, but always manages to measure itself against new challenges, such as the clash between “kaiju” we were talking about earlier, or the dreamlike journeys of Becky painted by the very good Fabio Mancini, once again a fundamental presence in this comic series, which shows us a new, unedited, fragile protagonist. Without spoilers, obviously, the ending of this second volume greets us with a gigantic twist that, like me, will only make you think about how much is left until the next and final volume!!!

Arcadia 2: Love Will Tear Us Apart – Review