Interaction between science and spirituality: the mended tear

It is common thought that science and spirituality live at the antipodes. Science is seen as a discipline capable of measuring phenomena and spirituality is instead linked to feeling, which is not measurable but can be experienced. In life the two planes are integrated. For example, we can measure the weight and height of a … Read more

Migrants. Necessary, tear down stereotypes

By Eloisa García Landero, Latin American Summary, November 17, 2022. «There is a great deal of misinformation, ideas and erroneous stereotypes about migration and the figure of the migrant», hence the importance of informing the university population more and above all, making them aware; commented Juan Carlos Gazca Muñoz, student of International Relations at UPAEP … Read more

“Why do you tear me from me?” an “auto de fe” that opens on October 30

“To build this story, this contemporary Auto de Fe, this necessary act of faith, we have gathered theexperiences and the soul of a group of sensitive and deeply believing professionals; believers in thetransformative power of beauty.” Within the theatrical cycle for the Day of the Dead, which the Ministry of Culture will carry out on … Read more