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This is a press release from Justine Marie Philippe Ouédraogo, Author-writer, spirituality consultant, Founder of the association AMOUR DIVIN Promoter of African culture and the sacred, Promoter of Ten-peelem, on the Lieutenant-Colonel Emmanuel Zoungrana affair.

As part of the promotion of Ten-peelem which is the justice of the earth, in the patriotic concern to contribute to the restoration of integrity and the manifestation of justice and truth, and especially on divine interpellation through t a revelation, I approached the family of LCL Mohamed Arsalane Emmanuel ZOUNGRANA, about his prolonged detention. At the end of the meeting, the family agreed that the invocation be made around the following four main points, against:

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– The sponsors of his second arrest on February 2, 2022 and his return to prison a few hours after his release by the control room;

-The denial of his rights of provisional release when the law allows it after a certain period of detention;

– The sponsors and authors of audios circulating slanderous information about his supposed involvement in the Ladji Yoro affair;

-Anyone working in the shadows against his release.

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To this end, as a Ten-peelem resource person, I accompanied the family, this Friday, November 4, 2022 in front of the sacred altar of Gaoua (Kaya) in the Sanmatenga for the invocation of the earth, and the words spoken on the altar said:

– If his return to prison and his detention until November 4 are the work of injustice, abuse of rights, relentlessness and a manifest desire to harm; and if the LCL Mohamed Arsalane Emmanuel ZOUNGRANA is not implicated in anything, neither near nor far in the death of the VDP Ladji Yoro, that the LCL Mohamed Arsalane Emmanuel ZOUNGRANA be released within the following two weeks or that the Ten- peelem stands against any sponsor and any author of the facts cited;

– But, if on the other hand the facts alleged against LCL Mohamed Arsalane Emmanuel ZOUNGRANA are in accordance with justice and if he is closely or indirectly involved in the death of VDP Ladji Yoro, that the Ten-peelem stands against him.

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It should be noted that the chicken questioned for this purpose responded favorably to the cause of LCL Mohamed Arsalane Emmanuel Zoungrana, to the great satisfaction of his parents. As, it is customary in such circumstances that a notification be made to whom it may concern, this press release is published to serve and assert what is right.

For the higher interest of the nation and for the reconquest of the national territory, that integrity, justice and truth are manifested, here and now!

Done in Ouagadougou, November 9, 2022

Justine Marie Philippe OUEDRAOGO

Author-writer, spirituality consultant

Founder of the association AMOUR DIVIN Promoter of African culture and the sacred

Promoter of Ten-peelem


Grandstand | Lt-Col Zoungrana case: Divine interpellations for the manifestation of the truth