Top of the best films by Cécile de France

Thrillers, romances, comedies, thrillers… In twenty years of career, the Belgian Cécile de France has become one of the fetish actresses of French cinema. We find her on December 28 in La Passagère, an impossible love story in which she dazzles. Like he usually does…

The Spanish inn (2002)

The Spanish Inn DVD - 1After a few film appearances, Cecile of France made himself known to the general public by interpreting the Belgian Isabelle in The Spanish inn by Cedric Klapisch. This is the one and only time to date that an actress has won two Césars for the same character, since she will get one for this one and another for her sequel, Russian dolls, two years later. She has not finished with Isabelle, outspoken lesbian and best friend of Romain Duris, since she finds her in 2013 for Chinese puzzle and the series Greek saladairing next year.

High tension (2003)

High voltage - 1For Alexandre Aja, Cécile de France sets foot in genre cinema and slides into pure and hard horror in the company of Maiwenn. In High tension, a sadistic killer eliminates the members of a family one by one. She will find herself in spite of herself confronted with her worst nightmares. A bloody and violent film which revealed Aja and confirmed the acting palette of a future great actress.

when i was a singer (2006)

When I was a singer - 1A ballroom singer, Gérard Depardieu, meets a young single mother, Cécile de France, after a concert. They end the night together and will gradually fall in love with each other. disenchanted romance, when i was a singer wins critical and public success and allows its two main performers to each win a César nomination. They will leave empty-handed, but proud of a tender film with a soundtrack loaded with timeless hits. For a flirtation with them, we would do anything…

Beyond (2010)

Beyond - 1From time to time, Cécile de France finds herself in Hollywood blockbusters. We remember the improbable Around the world in 80 days alongside Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarznegger (yes, yes) and this Beyond by Clint Eastwood, opposite Matt Damon. A fantastic film in which she plays a French journalist who survived the tsunami in Thailand in 2004, after suffering a near-death experience that will change her destiny forever. A film both spectacular for its special effects and intimate for its moving sessions of clairvoyance.

Mobius (2013)

Mobius - 1A Russian secret service officer. A CIA agent. A love story between the two spies during a mission… Éric Rochant digs the furrow of the dark thriller started with The Patriots and engage this time Jean Dujardin and Cécile de France whose characters are never who they claim to be. Mobius collected more than a million spectators in France and offered the actress the role of a femme fatale, in every sense of the word.

The Beautiful Season (2015)

The beautiful season Blu-ray - 1 The Beautiful Season by Catherine Corsini is a dive into the early 1970s, following a love story that defies the conventions of the time, the one that unites Cécile de France, a Spanish teacher, and Izia Higelin, a farmer. Their romance will collide with intolerance, but also with the feminist movements that are bubbling then, between claims for the right to abortion and advocacy for contraception. Epic, tragic and romantic.

Mademoiselle de Joncquières (2018)

Mademoiselle de Joncquières DVD - 1Diderot is very rarely adapted to the cinema. And when this is the case, it gives singular works like The nun or deceptively sweet costume romances, like this Mademoiselle de Joncquières by Emmanuel Mouret. Because behind the apparent innocence of the babble between Madame de La Pommeraye and the Marquis des Arcis, hides a future drama full of gall and revenge Dangerous Liaisons. Cécile de France and Édouard Baer engage in a poisonous love affair where words kill more easily than a stab.

A bigger world (2019)

A Bigger World DVD - 1Adapted from the autobiography of Corine Sombrun, A bigger world by Fabienne Berthaud is a real sensory experience. Cécile de France embodies the author in her trip to Mongolia, within a community of reindeer herders, to forget the disappearance of her companion. Gradually, she will learn about shamanic rites. The film is a life lesson in grief, an ode to nature and self-discovery.

lost illusions (2021)

Lost Illusions DVD - 1Seven Césars and a nomination for Cécile de France again as Best Supporting Actress… lost illusions, the flamboyant adaptation of the eponymous novel by Balzac, made everyone agree. If Benjamin Voisin captures all the attention in Lucien Chardon dreaming of Rubempré and poet recognized in the capital, Cécile de France proves to be overwhelming as a lady of the provincial nobility also trying to find a position in Paris. Both will be at their expense…

The Passenger (2022)

passengerChiara lives on love and fishing on her island, alongside her husband. Until the arrival of a charming young man puts everything in question… In The Passenger by Héloïse Pelloquet, for once, it’s up to a woman to have her midlife crisis by falling in love with a damoiseau. Cécile de France, whom we have rarely seen so consumed by passion, gives the reply to Félix Lefebvre, revealed in the film Summer 85. After Benjamin Voisin in lost illusionsthe actress will have seduced one after the other, the two main actors of the film of Francois Ozon !

Top of the best films by Cécile de France – L’Éclaireur Fnac