The great book of death


What happens after death? This is the universal question, that ultimate, defining event that, let’s face it, we don’t like to think about. The author, Begoña Beneitoat no time does she want or intend to convince believers and non-believers of what may happen behind the veil of the afterlife, she
deals with the phenomenon of death undertaking a
detailed study of all the events, celebrations, religions and legends that nourish and make us continue to maintain our interest in the great unknown. From the different representations that we have known throughout history through animals with which it has been associated, as well as images, sculptures, paintings, works that have praised and paid tribute to death. Going from the Greeks to the Romans, Celtic rituals, and shamanic magic… Also approaching the Mexican celebration of the day of the dead.

“The Big Book of Death” takes the reader into the greatest mystery of humanity: death and its guides, the psychopomps.

East trial It consists of five chapters. He will tell us about the City of the Dead in Cairo, a cemetery where the living dwell in mausoleums and tombs. From the enigmatic café of Pierre Loti in Istanbul, that to reach it we would have to cross one of the most beautiful cemeteries… It reminds us that we live with our backs to death, we fear it so much that we forget that it is part of life… In another chapter will narrate a short tale of the Arabian Nights, related to death… It will explain in its own way the meaning of life… Does dying with lucidity mean not being afraid of dying? Charon, mythology, reflections on the destiny of the soul… What did the great philosophers think about death? Socrates, Plato… Why is sleep compared to death? We will learn about the Moiras, the personifications of destiny… The hidden keys to the story of Sleeping Beauty…

Here we find out important information such as
why the day of the dead is celebrated in November, the biblical tradition of the Last Judgment, NDEs or near-death experiences that, who knows, maybe one day they will reveal some important information about what happens in the final moment. Reincarnation, literature, Dante, Master Jung, the threshold guides. What is a psychopomp? The mediums, people who claim to be able to cross the line that separates life from death.

exhaustive investigation. The truth is that the author’s work has been monumental, she does not leave a thorny issue untouched and in many chapters we will read harsh but necessary passages to get to the heart of the matter: Is there life after death? Y What happens in the last minutes of life? Many questions will be answered and there will also be many unknowns that still continue to worry us and cause fear.

Within a language of authentic scholar will talk about the concept of death focused from different studies: philosophy, art, spirituality, science, fiction and history. I think that we cannot ask for more from such a work that will give us a broader and different panorama of such an important phenomenon that we always want to know more about. The writing is accompanied by images in black and white.

Truly shocking read. The conclusion I have drawn is that we fear death because we fear change. That is why the baby cries terrified before a new world. That is why we cling to the past, to our youth, to the old love cooled down long ago. Death is a transition, and we fear change. We don’t know if there is glory or desolation beyond, so we delay the crossing if we can.

You will not be disappointed in this magnificent work. reviewer word.

Violet Lilac

The great book of death