Spirituality is key to transform Camagüey

CAMAGÜEY,.-With the members of cinema, radio and television, the cycle of meetings of branches of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (Uneac) in Camagüey, which has always had the highest political authority in the province.

This is a group with a critical vocation, it always puts the points on the i’s to the issues of internal life and the social problems of Cuba based on self-examination and the goals since the creation.

The director and producer Reynaldo P. Labrada commented on the experience with SC Producciones, as a project to promote art and culture from Camagüey in the digital ecosystem; however, he lamented the lack of expansion of its contents due to the inactivity of those who have corporate telephones.

The young filmmaker Oscar Alejandro Viñas pointed out the bureaucratic obstacles in contracting with companies, specifically with the Provincial Center for Music and Shows, due to misinterpretation of the new legal framework.

Announcer Armando Morán condemned the promotion of violence in children’s programming on Cuban television, and regarding his specialty, he asked to revitalize the college of announcers as a guarantor of talent.

The researcher Juan Antonio García Borrero addressed the digital transformation of life in the country and the relevance of studies of cultural consumption to impact daily life.

“Let us be creative with the technologies that we have in our hands to create interactive communities,” insisted the founder of the El Callejón de los Milagros project, which is now channeling alternative local development.

Film and television director Jorge Campanería urged that the subsidiary manage attractions to add young filmmakers who would contribute to move from the stagnation of recent times.

The host Sandra Martínez emphasized the difficulties with absurd salaries for professors at the University of the Arts; and she, as a promoter of peasant culture, requested the return to the screen of Television Camagüey of the program Amorosa guajira, and on the radio, a time slot with a larger audience.

Other participants evoked figures, recommended tributes, announced events and Sergio Morales, president of the provincial committee of Uneac, urged to be proactive, to present proposals, to generate projects.

Federico Hernández Hernández, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Camagüey, updated on the possibilities of repair and maintenance of real estate and the acquisition of new technologies.

“This province is an incomparable cultural square and we will continue to defend it to make its dreams come true,” said the main political authority before emphasizing that “we must go to a stage of greater ideological influence.”

This entails increasing the presence in the communities and schools of the different teachings, because spirituality is a source of human transformation: “All those who generate joy like you lead to development,” concluded Hernández Hernández.

Spirituality is key to transform Camagüey