Movie theater. Viewers of “Avatar: The Way of the Water”, moved and excited

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Credit: @ 20th Century Studios

This is the event release of the week at the cinema: the release of “Avatar: The Way of the Water”, the film by James Carmeron, more than a decade after the first opus. We find the members of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their children…). The first spectators come out delighted with the screening, at the CGR in Lanester (56).

It had been expected for thirteen years: the second opus of “Avatar” was released this Wednesday, December 14, in theaters. The first had established itself as the biggest success in the history of cinema, with more than 14.5 million admissions in France alone. The album “Avatar: The Way of Water“, still signed James Cameron, will he experience the same trajectory, and was it worth the wait so long? Yann Launay asked the question when leaving the CGR cinemas in Lanester in Morbihan: “It was totally worth it, it’s great! We totally expected to see that, even a little less but frankly it’s great! They took it out of the context that was on the first one: I dropped a little tear, it’s quite strong emotionally. Graphically, it’s a killer, the images are magnificent, James Cameront did a good job! Me, I could blame him that it’s a little too similar to the first.

The opinions are divergent: on the contrary, another spectator “think it’s different from the first one. You would think it’s the same thing, but no… It’s very moving, I cried… and it’s been a very long time since Titanic!very spiritual too, very human and it reconnects us to family and friends. It’s a moment of travel, escape and emotions!”

The viewers

Credit: Yann Launay

A little over 3 hours of film

So as not to miss a minute of “Avatar 2“, you have to make arrangements: no intermission, in most theaters, and a film that still lasts 3h13. It’s more than the first, which was already 2h41. So isn’t it a bit long ? “I’m not used to watching 3 hour movies anymore. There’s a long scene, roughly in the middle of the film, but no, that’s fine… It’s true that at some point, it’s not that it runs out of steam, but it’s been a lot of time on the landscapes. Obviously, we are here and we want more action! We want the moment when it’s going to blow up, But that’s part of the game…”

No dead time!

“I didn’t really realize that I had been in the theater for 3 hours. I thought it had been 2 hours max. We are really so caught up in the emotion, and in the film, that we don’t feel not at all (the length)We have time to get used to it, it’s as if we were traveling with them. We can’t fit into their world and when the action comes, we’re caught up in it! It’s all calculated anyway with James Cameron, no downtime!”

The viewers

Credit: Yann Launay

Avatar 2

Credit: @20th Century Studios

The continuation … from 2024

“Avatar 2” is already breaking records: 300,000 seats have been sold in Pathé cinemas in France, even before the first screening. This had never happened! The third chapter is due out in two years, in December 2024.

“Avatar 2” was eagerly awaited by many fans of Cameron’s universe, and also by cinema operators. The Way of the Water comes out at the end of a year that is still quite complicated for cinemas. Christophe Allain, director of the CGR of Lanester, one of the biggest Breton multiplexes explains that his “ premium room is already almost full at all sessions, at least for the first week. We are quite confident. We knew we were going to end the year on a high note with this film. It’s been a bumpy year, with the end of the restrictions in April, we had films that did well, like “Top Gun”, which arrived at the right time. We’ve had some big films that did very well and others that were a little disappointing, but overall, we’re still convinced that we can save the year with “Avatar 2″! We are really happy and proud to offer this to customers, and sincerely, the projection is stunning in 3D.”

Christophe Allain, director of the CGR of Lanester

Credit: Yann Launay

The Lanester Mega CGR

the year “2023 is going to be a very good vintage”

For Christophe Allain, Avatar should launch a promising year 2023 in terms of attendance: “it’s true that in 2023, we really have a larger film offer, compared to 2022, with lots of big films that follow one another, which was not the case this year when we had big films in some well-positioned places but not enough… 2023 is going to be a very good year. We have everything we need to attract customers: Super Mario, there are a lot of Marvels coming out too, Asterix and Obelix and it’s always generally a good success for us. We have “ 2”. These are films that work very well. I strongly believe in it, and 2023 is going to be a very good year.

Christophe Allain, director of the CGR of Lanester

Credit: Yann Launay

The other cinema releases of the weekalongside Avatar, the French comedy “My heroine“with Chloé Jounanet and Pascale Arbillot, the dramatic comedy”Stella is in love“with Marina Foïs and Benjamin Biolay, or (for the little ones) the animated film”Ernest and Celestine: the trip to Charabie.

Movie theater. Viewers of “Avatar: The Way of the Water”, moved and excited – HIT WEST