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A political quartet you will hear about next year!

These political hopefuls will do everything to make themselves known to you, convince you (or win you back…). Each in its category is preparing to deploy in 2023. This year will not be electoral and therefore dedicated to the fight of ideas. The time to build a privileged relationship with the French.

David Lisnard, the courageous mayor

From his office in the town hall of Cannes, facing the splendor of the Mediterranean, David Lisnard is preparing. In his sights: the Élysée. Suffice to say that the road is long. It is not so easy to pass from local politics to national momentum. But this uninhibited LR, also at the head of his own movement called New Energy, can also count on a bold proposal. Convinced and convincing liberal, David Lisnard hopes to be able to restore to the French their just capacity for initiative and to get rid of the nets of bureaucracy. “To lead the country towards the best of itself”, as de Gaulle said. This requires a reduction in the public sector, a restoration of finances and a substantial reduction in taxes.

Beyond the economic primacy, David Lisnard also develops a very firm discourse on sovereign subjects, with the pillars of civic-mindedness and individual responsibility. Let’s end with culture, this hobbyhorse he has been riding for a long time, convinced of the importance of a common spirituality called beauty. Roots and wings.

Maud Bregeon, the MP who has a nuclear plan

These last years, Maud Bregeon has become a great regular in TV studios. As spokesperson for the presidential party, she has striven to defend – often with talent – ​​the decisions of the government. Since June, she has been a deputy for Hauts-de-Seine and fights until dawn in the hemicycle. Her particularity: she is an engineer specializing in nuclear power. Its job has long consisted of avoiding breakdowns, or worse, accidents (in nuclear jargon, we say “to have our hearts on the lawn”).

Within Renaissance, she is now recognized as the expert on these key issues. Far from counter diatribes on nuclear power, she brings a knowledge that makes her a safe bet, at the time of load shedding. Will she go as far as the Ministry of Ecology? His scientific competence is good for French politics.

Jordan Bardella, the young guard

27 years old. The new president of the National Rally surprises with his youth (he was already at the top of the party’s list for the Europeans at the age of 23). Marine Le Pen chose him to oversee the growth of a party that 40% of French now consider themselves capable of participating in a government. However, nothing predestined this child of the lower classes, born in the shadow of the great housing estates of Seine-Saint-Denis, to rise so high and so early.

His media charisma seduces well beyond the borders of the party – he is recognized everywhere as a talent guaranteeing the future… Unlike Marine Le Pen, his mother in politics, Jordan Bardella does not seem unfavorable to an alliance of the rights. A possible future?

Anne Hidalgo, the resilient ghost

Surprising choice. How dare to make Anne Hidalgo a hope for 2023? The year that is ending was for the Mayor of Paris a annus horribilis. After his cruel defeat in the presidential election (1.7% of the vote) was added the budget crisis never seen at the Hôtel-de-Ville. Like a wounded animal, Anne Hidalgo entrenched herself – to heal her wounds. We hardly see her anymore. But beware: she plans to return in 2023. In secret, with her collaborators, she is preparing a major media sequence for the start of the year. Objective: regain the confidence of Parisians. She can find the heights. The one that was said to have already ended in 2020 was finally largely re-elected.

Anne Hidalgo has a capacity for rebound unparalleled in contemporary politics. With the 2024 Olympics in her sights, she wants to believe it: everything can change. Regain strength, until you can set off in 2026 for a historic third term in the City of Paris?

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