Mass theater for Ontario’s Francophonie

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From Toronto to Ottawa, theatergoers are in for a treat, with plenty of plays to choose from this week. There will also be the Nuit Blanche in Toronto, which will highlight the media work of director Nadine Valcin. But let’s not forget to take advantage of the beginning of the fall season with a beautiful guided walk towards the mouth of the Rouge River.


COWS, the musical returns to the stage

The “franco-ontarien broadway” which received the Coup de lumière award at Contact ontarois in 2020 will be back on stage to offer you five performances in October. Both comical and touching, COWS, the musical tells the story of Jean, a farmer from Casselman who, faced with many obstacles, will try to save a hundred cows in the midst of the ice storm.

COWS, the musical. Image credit: Marianne Duval.

Performances on October 5, 6, 7 and 8 at the Richcraft Theater – Shenkman Arts Center in Orléans. Buy your tickets here.

The Strange Case of Jeffrey Alan Lash in Documentary Theater

In Pacific Palisades, screenwriter and author Guillaume Corbeil deciphers in documentary theater the mystery behind Jeffrey Alan Lash, a half-man, half-alien hybrid working as a secret agent for the American secret services and found dead in the trunk of his car in 2015. following his discovery, millions of dollars and an inexplicably high amount of ammunition and weapons are found in his garage. As Guillaume Corbeil tries to tell this intriguing story of the con man with multiple identities, he incorporates his version of the facts based on his own investigation conducted in California.

The room Pacific Palisades. Image credit: Nicolas Descôteaux.

Pacific Palisades : to see from October 6 to 8 at La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins. Buy your tickets here.

Djennie Laguerre pays tribute to the women of Haiti

The actress and author so beloved in the world of Ontario’s Francophonie, offers us manman the sea, his theatrical ode that pays homage to spirituality and the West Indian woman. This is the story of Marjolaine who, to satisfy her mother, shelves her gift of clairvoyance. But 26 years later, when she is suffering from a disease that modern medicine does not seem to be able to cure, she decides to turn to the good care of her Haitian grandmother.

The room Manman, the sea. Image credit: Sibylle Berger.

manman the sea at the Théâtre français de Toronto from September 29 to October 2. Buy your tickets here.


EMERGENCYE by Nadine Valcin at Nuit Blanche in Toronto

The work EMERGENCE by Nadine Valcin will be presented at Nuit Blanche 2022 at Le Labo. In this silent video installation, the director addresses the practice of “blackface” in the representation of black communities. However, the work reaffirms the beauty and diversity of the black body despite the stereotypes to which it is subjected.

Excerpt from the work Emergence by Nadine Valcin. Courtesy of the Lab.

You can find ” EMERGENCE “ by Nadine Valcin, starting at 7 p.m. on October 1 at Le Labo, Toronto’s Francophone media art centre.


Bilingual walk to the mouth of the Rouge River

In collaboration with Lost Rivers, the Toronto Historical Society offers you a beautiful guided walk to the mouth of the Red River to mark both the International Day of Action for Rivers and Franco-Ontarian Day. This walk will allow you to discover in the fall outdoors the rich history of the surroundings of the mouth as well as its evolution since its Aboriginal presence.

The Red River. Image credit: jimfeng / E+ via Getty Images

March on Sunday October 2 from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sign up free to participate. The meeting point will be at the Rouge Hill GO station.

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