List of contestants of ‘En busca del Nirvana’, the adventure reality show presented by Raúl Gómez on Cuatro

Nepal will be the country that will host the recording of ‘In search of Nirvana’, the new adventure format of Four presented by Raúl Gómez, what was it advance exclusively by YOTELE some days ago. The Mediaset chain has started the production of this space on Monday with the trip of its 10 participants, who have extensive experience in the world of reality shows.

The participants of ‘In Search of Nirvana’ are ‘queens and kings of the reality‘ accustomed to privileges and constant public exposureabout to face a team competition aimed at finding themselves far from their brilliant life shared on social networks, with tests in keeping with the spirituality of the area.

Humor will be the great protagonist of this adventure, not exempt from difficulties and the occasional moment of tension, and during which they will experience the greatest spiritual journey of their lives through contact with nature and constant interaction with culture. local, its people and its way of life. A reality in the antipodes of theirs, for which perhaps they are not prepared and to which they have arrived ‘blindly’, without knowing who their companions would be, or where they would travel, or the mechanics of the program. We review the list of the 10 participants of ‘In search of Nirvana’ in Cuatro.

alejandro grandson

Mister Spain 2015, former contestant of ‘GH VIP 4’ and ‘Survivientes 2022’, where he won, and former participant of ‘La Isla de las Tentaciones 4’. She considers herself a person who always goes straight ahead, who can’t stand injustice, or lazy people, or those who speak behind his back.

Andrea Gasca

His first television appearance was on ‘First Dates’. There she met Ismael and ended up participating with him in ‘The Island of Temptations’. She defines herself as a princess, but with a strong character. As she herself says on her Instagram account, “everything happens for a reason”.

Aless Gibaja

Baptized on the Internet as the ‘Spanish Paris Hilton’ and known on the Internet for its supertips. He has participated in ‘GH VIP 5’ and in ‘Volando Voy’ with Jesús Calleja. He is considered one of the first influencers of the networks, she loves fashion and showing her peculiar personality.

Charlotte Caniggia

Daughter of the mythical former Argentine soccer player Claudio Paul Cannigia, Maradona’s teammate and close friend, and Mariana Nannis. She has participated in ‘GH VIP 4’, in the Italian edition of ‘The Island of Famous’ (2015), in ‘Rich Women’ and has starred in ‘Caniggia Libre’, her own reality on MTV Latin America.

Christ Contreras

He rose to fame in 2018 for being part of the Contreras dynasty during the fourth season of ‘Los Gipsy Kings’, a program in which he stood out for his sophisticated style. He is a great lover of luxury and tinsel and is used to staying in hotels top.

Inma Campano

Known as ‘Penélope Cruz de Montequinto’ for her resemblance to the actress, she made her television debut in ‘The Island of Temptations 2’ and was later pretender to Julen’s throne in ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’, with whom she has also participated in ‘Alone’. She is a huge animal lover and posts about lifestyle, makeup, fashion, and sports.

Mahi Masegosa

Designer and stylist, she became known on the ‘Masters of Sewing’ program, which was followed by ‘Survivientes 2019’ and ‘La casa fuerte 2’, in which she became the winner. She stands out for her talkativeness and for her modern, colorful and friendly image. Before she was famous, she worked at a gas station and dreamed “of having a dressing room as big as Carrie’s in ‘Sex and the City’.”

Yoli Claramonte

He achieved great popularity in ‘GH 15’, where he was a finalist. There she met Jonathan, her partner for years and the father of her daughter. Together with him, and being her ex-partner, she participated in 2022 in ‘Forever or Never’, an original format by Mtmad. On this platform, she also stars in ‘Making LoveYoli’ and ‘Yoli, I do love you’, a channel in which she narrates her life with Jorge, her new partner.

Iratxe Soriano

Iratxe was part of the reality ‘Princesas de barrio’, where she stood out for her strong character. Self-defined as a “top polygoner” and a fan of Belén Esteban, she is a woman who always goes head-on, as she testifies on her Twitter account: “I am what I am, everything by its name, what it is, it is” . In her youth she wanted to be a bullfighter.

Christopher Matthew

His appearance in ‘Who wants to marry my son?’ As the brother of one of the singles who were looking for love, he opened the doors of ‘Survivientes 2015’, an edition in which he emerged as the winner. He also tried his luck in the world of music. At 26, he is a successful businessman. Adventurous and very restless, when he travels he loves to experience the contrast of staying in the most expensive hotels and visiting the most exotic and dangerous side of those places.

List of contestants of ‘En busca del Nirvana’, the adventure reality show presented by Raúl Gómez on Cuatro