Lluís Homar: «Salí en busca de respuestas, y he vuelto a mis raíces cristianas, a los místicos, para encontrarlas»

«¡Oh, llama de amor viva, que tiernamente hieres de mi alma en el más profundo centro! Pues ya no eres esquiva, acaba ya si quieres; rompe la tela de este dulce encuentro». Dice Lluís Homar (Barcelona, 1957) que cuando san Juan de la Cruz escribe Noche oscura del alma, lo hace «estando ya la casa … Read more

Religious tourism, art and rural tourism, Bishop Busca: “Coming together to optimize opportunities”

QUISTELLO – Path of faith, inner journey, response to man’s nomadic nature. The journey, understood as a pilgrimage between faith, art and food and wine is the theme chosen by Coldiretti Quistellorepresented by the president Roberto Siliprandi and by Mauro Piva, to celebrate the feast of Sant’Antonio Abate, protector of animals … Read more

Busca, an information office and a portal for the ecomuseum to come

Last Saturday, December 3, a workshop was held at the headquarters of the Ingenium association, open to all those with ideas for the nascent Busca eco-museum, with the councilors Ezio Donadio and Lucia Rosso present, with Hangar Piemonte and Italia Nostra. We have entered the heart of the study of a plan to bring the … Read more