Recently at the diocesan house, Justine, Prince, Léa, Bastien and Imène, students at the IAE met the actors who helped them give shape to their project. In a few weeks will be inaugurated, place of the Cathedral, the Parvis of the Poor Clares. This place of sharing, multigenerational and multicultural, is the result of several collaborations.

A great adventure

Guillaume Couffignal proceeded to several mergers including pieces that will join the roof of the convent of the Poor Clares. PHOTO Stéphane Lefevre

The sculptor Guillaume Couffignal, who created the logo which represents a starry symbol, the diocesan house and the IAE of Limoges have invested in giving a soul to this place. Project director for the diocese, Damien Deleersnijder, relied on the skills of five undergraduate students at the Institute of Business Administration.

“They had the idea of ​​accompanying this project and supported us to implement it. They worked on the layout and on communication”, rejoices Damien Deleersnijder. From the first contacts, the current passed. Harmony reigned between the project director and the five students, Justine, Prince, Léa, Bastien and Imène.

“You have earned our esteem. It was, at the start, a crazy bet to work on a non-religious project in a place that nevertheless had connotations. You were a source of proposals. Without you, we would not have advanced”, adds Damien Deleersnijder. The Parvis des Clarisses, which will be inaugurated in Spring, is atypical.

One sees clearly only with the heart

It is a third place where sharing and meetings will take place over a drink in a comfortable armchair or on the terrace. Volunteers will organize games and activities to give a playful character to this new space. On the first floor will be built a student space. For those looking for a bit of spirituality, they will find the calm and serenity sought in the chapel. The opening on the Place de la Cathédrale will offer cultural, tourist and social influence.

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IAE students got involved because they believe in this adventure. They take up on their own this sentence of Saint-Exupéry “You can only see well with the heart”. And as theirs is huge, their field of vision is not about to shrink.

Jean-Francois Julien

Workshops – The students of the IAE of Limoges accompany the project of the forecourt of the Poor Clares