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The city of Prato is preparing to host the Economy and Spirituality Festival, now in its seventh edition. Two appointments on the calendar. It begins on 4 September with a conference at the Emperor’s Castle entitled “Rebuilding the power of the word”; the second appointment, on the other hand, is Saturday 24 September, a day that will be dedicated to the theme “Governing without giving up your dreams”.

With meetings, experiential seminars, dialogues and shows, the Festival explores the themes linked to environmental sustainability, the economy, hospitality and spirituality understood as the recovery of one’s inner dimension, remembering that man is one with the planet and all its inhabitants. The theme addressed this year in the various stages of the Festival, which has traveled to other cities and towns of Tuscany, is that of “Gift and Forgiveness”.

“The Festival of Economics and Spirituality works to unite the dream of a better, more just, more equitable, more ecological, more sustainable world with an inner change that makes this dream come true – these are the words of Father Guidalberto Bormolini (in the picture), co-director of the Festival – Because without inner changes history attests to us that often dreams have become nightmares, what was dreamed of for humanity has become a nightmare for humanity itself”.

On the go Sunday 4th September at 18 at the Emperor’s Castle in Piazza delle Carceri, with a conference on “Rebuilding the Power of the Word”. Words can unite, they can heal, but they can also divide and hurt. The lack of awareness of the power of the word is a significant problem for our civilization. The speakers will offer their view on the theme, according to their profession and vocation.

The Councilor for Culture will intervene Simone Mangani, Robert Milanesepsychologist, psychotherapist, writer, Charles Bartolipresident of the National Order of Journalists, Serena Spinellicouncilor of the Tuscany Region e Father Guidalberto Bormolinireligious and anthropologist.

Saturday September 24thhowever, the theme of the Festival will be “Governing without giving up your dreams”. To do politics it is necessary to have a vision, a dream, and put them at the service of others. Three emeritus ministers of the Italian Republic will be present at the appointment: Vannino Chitiformer president of the Tuscany Region, Mariapia Garavagliaformer president of the Italian Red Cross e Vincent Scottifounder and president of Link Campus University.
The day will open at 9 with a training seminar at Villa San Leonardo al Palco and will continue at 5.30 with a meeting in the auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Prato, which will also be attended by the mayor Matteo Biffoni and the councilor for culture Simone Mangani.

The meetings have free admission, for information:

Another stage of the Economy and Spirituality Festival, organized in collaboration with Settembre Prato è Spettacolo, is the show “Loud Prayers” from Vasco Brondi. The singer-songwriter will be at Villa Guicciardini in Usella Monday 5th September at 9pm. Tickets are available on Ticketone and for information you can write to The proceeds from the concert-show will be donated to the Borgo Tuttoèvita project.

In Prato the seventh edition of the Economy and Spirituality Festival | Meadow TV