Dinard British film festival: the 33rd edition is approaching

Le Livre à Metz is the meeting place mixing literature and journalism that weaves links and bridges between novels, thrillers, essays, comics, films, documentaries and shows, thus opening up new horizons and perspectives.

Rolling Stone has unearthed five excellent reasons (at least) for you to go to Le Livre in Metz from April 8 to 10:

– Ariane Chemin, essayist and reporter for Le Monde, is one of the festival’s guests of honor. Very eclectic, this woman in the field who covers political and social subjects also carries out beautiful literary investigations such as that on Romain Gary & Jean Seberg and comic book scenarios, in particular on the Covid or the Benalla affair that she revealed. Informed, passionate and committed, this great lady of journalism takes an incisive look at political news. Don’t miss his big interview on Saturday April 9 at 11 a.m.

– The opportunity to discover Les Contes du Marylène (Misma editions), a series created by Anne Simon, illustrator, scriptwriter and cartoonist, also guest of honour. The Marylène is an imaginary country, the setting for a satirical, funny and whimsical saga. The animal characters that inhabit this nation bring us back to subjects that we know well, such as the relationship to power, feminism, slavery, capitalism… A true fable of modern times, as spicy as one could wish.
Exhibition April 2 to 30 & meeting with the author Saturday at 4 p.m.

– Sorj Chalandon, former great reporter, Albert-Londres prize (1988), writer and contributor to Canard Enchainé is a regular at this festival. Humanist, of great sensitivity, in his last and tenth largely autobiographical novel, he returns to the story of his father whom he took for a long time for a hero before discovering the truth belatedly. “Child of bastard”, Grasset is one of the themes of his big interview, Sunday 10 at 11:30 am. From reportage to novel – Carte blanche to Joseph Kessel is also an opportunity to come face-to-face with another great lady of journalism Claude Guibal, senior reporter at Radio France and specialist in the Middle East and issues related to Islam. radical. Saturday April 9 3:30 p.m.

– “Only the Earth is eternal”, the documentary film by François Busnel and Adrien Soland with Jim Harrison is the spiritual and joyful testament of this immense American writer “bigger than life” who invites us to return to the essentials and to live in harmony with nature. A prolific work deeply marked by the great regions of Michigan, Nebraska and Montana. Belkacem Bahlouli, editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone is pleased to present this film on Saturday 9 at 8 p.m. at the Cinéma Klub. The day before, he will present “Take Shelter”, directed by Jeff Nichols, with Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain, same time, same place.

– Last crush for the road! The playwright Mariette Navarro is the author of Ultramarins (Quidam editions), an unclassifiable and captivating work, between realism and fantasy and considered as the event of the literary season. The pitch: Aboard a freighter commanded by a woman and crossing the Atlantic, the crew decides to exceptionally treat themselves to a swim, a clandestine breach in the course of things which crowns the irruption of mystery in the routine and the intoxication of drifting. An exceptional first novel crowned with laurels, including the Frontières-Leonora Miano prize, which will be awarded during the festival.

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Dinard British film festival: the 33rd edition is approaching