Charly López unmasks her ex; he affirms that he only expected the death of Fer del Solar

  • At the beginning of December, Charly López’s ex was a guest on Yordi Rosado’s talk show, where she talked about him and another ex-partner, Fernando del Solar.

  • The former Garibaldi assures that his ex “wanted to clean up his image” during his interview and requested to have his right of reply, since his statements were intended to affect his image.

The problems between Charlie Lopez53 years old, and his ex-wife do not seem to end, since a few days ago, the driver, in an interview with Yordi Rosador, at 51, left him in a very bad light, as he exposed what apparently lived next to him, and talked about the legal dispute over the house where the former Garibaldi currently lives.

We look for the singer, who clarifies us and makes strong revelations, since he considers that this is only the lady’s version, but he has not yet given his:

-Charly, how did you see your ex’s interview with Yordi Rosado?

“To be honest, she only wanted to clean up her image, she told half-truths, she only spent her time victimizing herself, talking only about her, her supposed feelings, her emotions, what she experienced; but she did not say what has been and said ”.

-What are you talking about?
“Because in a story of friends, couples, ex-partners, of any type of relationship, there are always two stories, two parts; she only says what suits her and her way”.

-Because you said so?
“For everything she said, things were not like that… This leaves me emotionally vulnerable, because I know her, I lived with her, I had a child with her; she dared to tell a story where she thinks she suffered, and she didn’t. Look, I have tried to keep quiet, to respect her, because she is the mother of my son, but she is not worth it, she has done a lot of damage to other people and to me ”.

Charly López unmasks her ex;  he affirms that he only expected the death of Fer del Solar

-Do you think she took you away from your son?

“Look, he has the time to put ideas into it, but also my son is already a young man who must have his own criteria; she influences, but there will be time for him to also listen to my version. In my case, I kept quiet so as not to affect him, so as not to speak ill of his mother, but he must know both stories.

-You’re sad?
“I would rather say that I am disappointed with so many lies, with so much baseness. Do not believe today women are highly protected against violence, and that is something that I applaud; but neither can we be typified as the bad guys, the villains of history; some men also suffer, some men are bad, some women are also cold and calculating, but they also go too far and abuse, as in this case”.

– Has she passed?
“Of course, the fact of being a woman does not mean that history is tilted in your favor, nor mine; I’m not asking you to believe my version, there must be a balance, a middle ground. I have many mistakes, I have failed, I am a human being like any other; the difference is that I am a public figure, but I have also suffered”.

-In which aspect?
“Being away from my son; I have always been a present father. Something you don’t know is that, from Monday to Thursday, when he was little, I was the one who put him to sleep, played music for him, changed his diapers, I was there, she didn’t take care of him at night. That she didn’t hold me responsible, it’s not worth it! For many years, when I had my nightclub (Congo) I earned much more than her, I didn’t even need to work. She complained that she kept me up all night, it was for work, it was for a family good, neither she nor my son lacked anything.

Charly López unmasks her ex;  he affirms that he only expected the death of Fer del Solar

-Yes, he said that they did not combine schedules and that, in addition, you failed him; I guess, were you unfaithful?
“That is another of her lies, excuse me for saying it, but it was the other way around, she is healthy; if someone failed in that aspect in marriage, it was her; That’s why I decided to end it.”

-Do you think so?
“Of course, I did see that interview where she repeats every moment that ‘she put her chest up to stop the bullets’; Please! Now it turns out that she is the savior of all. She repeats patterns, with one partner and another, by little I was bad?; Fernando del Solar (RIP) was bad?; Samuel, Alan Tacher’s cousin who she dated, was he mean? We have all been bad. Rather, you have to accept the percentage and accept where we were wrong. Is she okay with everything?”

-You tell me that he had problems with Alan Tacher’s cousin…
“I found out a long time later, through my son, that one night she was mistreated by the guy. He kicked her and my son out of her house; they had an argument and he took them out of his house at dawn. Why didn’t he tell that? Because it obviously doesn’t suit him. She wants to play the best woman in the fairy tale. As a mother I respect her, I don’t even question what she is, but as a couple she is wrong ”.

Was she mean to you?
“It is being; but yes, during the marriage I had to shoot a lot, what I’m telling you is nothing, but out of respect I’ll keep quiet. It bothers me because my son keeps hearing versions, stories that weren’t even like that. Look, I’m just telling you: why didn’t he talk about it when Fernando del Solar’s row broke out?

-You mean when your divorce was uncovered, your problems?
“Yes, it was in 2015 when they got divorced and even started legal problems. She wouldn’t let him live with the family they formed, knowing that she had cancer… My God, what kind of woman does that? Ah, but instead, she asked me to help her.”

Charly López unmasks her ex;  he affirms that he only expected the death of Fer del Solar

-In which aspect?
“When the media ate her alive and the public, as she said, started a smear campaign against her, she asked me to support her, to say that she was a good person, and I did.”

“Yes, but it was to defend her, to support her, to be the mother of my son, but the reality is different from the one that Yordi had.”

-What actually happened?
“When Fer was wrong, when in reality she began to get the copper, I realized that everything she told me about Fer, what she tells on the program was a lie; she was not there for him; That is why I decided one day to meet Fer del Solar at the Vips in San Jerónimo, he told me the reality of what he was experiencing and I apologized for having gotten into that relationship that did not belong to me… We chatted for a long time ” .

-What happened with Fer?
“In the program he told that he went to a work event when Fer was ill, but he did not tell Yordi that Del Solar had a nurse, he slept in another room because my ex could not stand the sounds of oxygen, and that time when she He was going to his event, he told the nurse: ‘let me know when the man stops breathing’. That’s how Fer told me; he asked her not to leave her, and she set priorities, that is not done! And another thing more…”

-Tell me…
“Let people form their own criteria, I am not here to attack anyone, but it is not worth attacking me either, the situation must be fair for both. Why did she wait for Fernando to die to talk about him? Why she didn’t do it when the mess between them broke out, it will be because now he can’t defend himself. I’m not going to sit idly by, wait for me to die, because I couldn’t give my version. In the program she said that Fer did not defend her, that’s what she told me, that’s why I got in, and in fact, I questioned Fernando ”.

-What did you tell Fernando about that?
“I told her: ‘brother, I got into something that didn’t belong to me, but she said that you didn’t defend her when they attacked her.’ He was blunt and told me: ‘I didn’t do it because everything he said to himself about her was sadly true. When I was bad, she threw me out of the bedroom, everything bothered her, she insulted me, she treated me badly, that’s why I left the house, because she was hurtful. Why would he defend her if it was all true?’ He kept me quiet, it wasn’t that Fer wanted to leave home, it was because she couldn’t handle it anymore ”.

Charly López unmasks her ex;  he affirms that he only expected the death of Fer del Solar

-She said that you did not give a pension...
“It wasn’t like that, I always gave everything to her and my son. What I do tell you was that, in 2007, she demanded a pension, and then she did win; but not because she did not give money; It’s because I was in a relationship before
cordial and the money was delivered in his own hand; Since there was no history of deposits, he won there; but the tuition thing started in 2021 with the pandemic, because it went badly for me, like many”.

Didn’t you pay for it?
“I asked my son to tell his mother that she would support me with money for those almost three months, but only those months, not her version. Rather, what this lady is looking for is to sell books, sell conferences; Excuse me, but she throws herself on the floor to be picked up.”

-What about the lawsuit with the house where you live?
“I have already clarified that a lot, she knows that it is not like that, here I put ninety percent of the house, she stayed to live here with my son after the divorce; but she told me that it was a lot of house for the two of them; she gave it back to me. In fact, she handled the money, she took her share in cash. Everything is still in dispute. This house will be for my son; but not at the whim of the lady, and also
That’s how he took the house from Fer.”

Charly López unmasks her ex;  he affirms that he only expected the death of Fer del Solar

-What are you talking about?
“Before he died, Fer was still in litigation over the lawsuit over their house in Pedregal. Fernando asked her for her part, because there they both invested fifty fifty, but sadly Fer died and she ended up staying with her; now the lawsuit is with the widow, Anna Ferro”.

-Will she be upset because Del Solar did not leave her inheritance alone to her?
“That’s right, but I know that Fer left a well-founded will, which has already been read; He did leave everything to Anna, and if he took my ex out, Fer will know why, he already knew her well enough.

Charly López unmasks her ex;  he affirms that he only expected the death of Fer del Solar

-Charly, these are strong statements!…
“I have to speak, I have to show my face, she wanted to put me in a bad place and it’s not worth it, I have respected her, and now she forces me. I will not take my finger off the line about the legal, but hopefully, as she preaches with her book, as she beats her chest, as she talks about spirituality, that she put it into practice. She needs to be humble and she should attend to herself; Before trying to get people to buy her book, free herself, forgive herself, make a catharsis to be able to heal the woman she claims to be ”.

-What will all this stop?
“Legally, we are presenting all the documents from when she gave up the house, because she herself collected her percentage, that is settled. I’ll go ahead, she doesn’t understand, she doesn’t talk. On the other hand, time will heal my son’s soul, blood calls and he will have to make his decision and the one he makes will be respectable for me. Today I am very grateful to my Vivalavi program, to my television station, to the Pop Tour, to those who believe in me, for the support in my work, I am happy doing what I like, ”she concluded.

Charly López unmasks her ex;  he affirms that he only expected the death of Fer del Solar

Charly López has 33 years of artistic career

  • He rose to fame in 1989 with the pop group Garibaldi.

  • In 2001 he decided to start a business with his discos Women’s Club and Congo. She also participated in the show ‘Sólo para mujeres’.

  • In 2019 he tried to launch the Garibaldi Nueva Generación group, but was unable to due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • He is currently the host of the ‘Vivalavi’ program and part of the ’90’s Pop Tour’.

Charly López unmasks her ex; he affirms that he only expected the death of Fer del Solar