5 Easter movies you can watch on Netflix

Get to know the most popular movies on the streaming platform for this time of reflection.

Photo: Netflix

The recommended ones that Netflix brings for this Easter season in which hundreds of people take advantage of the time to rest, reflect and perhaps find different ways of understanding themselves and the world around them, are not the classic old movies about bible stories.

To motivate us to see this collection, the streaming platform affirms “when life is difficult, it is important to believe. These family-friendly movies explore faith and spirituality through inspiring stories.”

So if you are one of those who likes to watch the classic Easter content that transports us to ancient times, it seems that Netflix is ​​not the option for you in that search. But if you are looking for spirituality, faith, inspiring stories, the stories may vary in terms of content and format, but it is worth taking a risk and living this time with a different look of reflection based on the Christian faith.

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Netflix’s 5 recommendations on “faith and spirituality”

  • The resurrection of Christ, a film starring Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton and Peter Firth that narrates The story after the death of Jesusfrom the moment of his death when a jaded Roman tribune and his rookie lieutenant, confused by the reaction of followers of the Jewish messiah, seek to discredit rumors of his resurrection and try to find the missing body of the crucified man.
  • God is not dead, a film that is still current narrates three stories that in current situations fight to defend their faith. Its version one, introduces us to a college student religious who clashes with an atheist teacher when he decrees that students will only pass their class if they affirm that God is dead.

in the two, public school teacher who is a devout Christian is faced with an environment where Jesus is a forbidden word in the classroom, although not for her, which leads her to face trial. Finally, in this saga of films, we have A pastor that after his church burns down, he must face a legal battle against university authorities who want to expel the congregation from campus.

  • Fireproofstarring Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea and Ken Bevel, tells the story of a hard-working firefighter’s marriage that is about to end in divorce, but when all hope seems to be running out, his Christian father steps in.
  • 90 minutes in heavenis the story of a young pastor who comes back to life after spending some ninety minutes after being pronounced dead by the authorities due to an accident, the man claims to have been in heaven, with a cast starring Hayden Christensen, Kate Bosworth, Dwight Yoakam
  • Victor, is the story of a reluctant basketball coach who has to lead the team and learns that their only running back has a story that will challenge their beliefs.

Other inspiring films that the platform recommends among others are Heaven does exist Faith, Hope & Love, Wave Challenge, Blue Miracle, Seven Years in Tibet, The Camp of My Life, Miracles from Heaven. To see the complete selection, enter the Faith and spirituality category.

The Chosen: A New Version of Jesus

You will find it on Netflix in its Spanish translation as The chosen ones. This is a novel version of the gospels that shows Jesus how the man who, while gathering his disciples, healing the sick and sacrificing himself for the good of humanity, demonstrates his divinity.

His creator’s intention was, in addition to delving into the people who met Jesus and portraying him “through the eyes of those who knew him” and showing him in a more “personal, intimate and immediate” way.

This story is based on the texts of the gospels of Jesus Christ, some locations and dates have been combined and summarized, likewise, the stories of some characters or dialogues have been added, “however, the entire historical and biblical context or any artistic imagination has been designed to reinforce the truth and intentions of the scriptures” states the series at its beginning.

5 Easter movies you can watch on Netflix