20 Things You Didn’t Know About The 070 Shake Sensation

1. Danielle Balbuena is from the North Bergen neighborhood of New Jersey..

“None of the kids from North Bergen have ever really broken through. No one has ever really had a chance. I want to put Jersey on the map like Jay Z put Brooklyn on the map. There’s so much talent here, but nobody pays attention. »

2. His nickname also pays homage to his origins: 070 refers to the New Jersey zip code.

3. 070 also refers to the name of his collective, the 070 Crew.

Each of its members has its blaze preceded by this number

With around ten members (070 Malick, 070 Phi, 070 Ralph River, 070 PHI, 070 J Sebastian, 070 Ether, 070 Treee Safari…), the 070 Crew released in 2016 the mixtape The 070 Project: Chapter 1.

4. The second part of his nickname is inspired by his exploits on the basketball courtst.

Passionate about the orange ball, the one we then called Dani had with her best friend developed a move good to her, the “shake wave”.

After creating his @DShake Twitter account, “everyone started calling me Shake”.

5. 070 Shake’s parents were both born in the Dominican Republic.

As a child, she lived there for several months, then returned there many times. 070 Shake speaks Spanish fluently.

6. Younger, 070 Shake had serious addiction issues.

“When I was 18, I took Xanax. Before that, I had tried other things, I was 13 or 14 years old. From the time I turned 18, I took Xanax every day for a year and a half. »

070 Shake nevertheless ended up weaning himself before it was too late.

“I was totally into spirituality, into being one with myself. But I was quite hypocritical, because I was really one with the drugs. Despite everything, it is this quest for unity and my knowledge on the subject that has allowed me to better control my addictions. »

“Of course, some people supported me enormously, like my mother and my girlfriend at the time, but it was mainly in my head that it happened. »

7. She came to music through poetry.

Bored to death in class, she wrote verses in the back of the class rather than taking notes.

“I then typed ‘Drake type beats’ into YouTube’s search bar, and started reciting what was in my notebooks. »

8. Without the help of the boss of the studio where she recorded her first songsthe story might have been completely different.

“I had zero money to pay for sessions, but Beast, the boss, believed in me and let me come several times without paying anything. »

9. 070 Shake was discovered on SoundCloud.

Once his first song canned, Proud, she shared it on the platform. That’s when businesswoman and influencer YesJulz contacted her on Twitter to offer to become his manager.

10. 070 Shake doesn’t really care if she’s called a rapper or a singer.

“I am what people say about me. It’s up to them to see me as they want. (…) Neither of the two terms bother me. I see myself as a musician. »

11. Proof of his eclecticism, for his first tour in 2016, she opened for British rockers The 1975.

12. In 2016, less than a year after getting into music, 070 Shake signed to GOOD MusicKanye West’s label.

Here again, luck/fate played its part: Pusha T, then president of GOOD Music, first heard his songs when YesJulz played them in the background during Yeezy fittings.

“For sure compared to a lot of people, it was very fast for me. For some it takes years. For me, six months after recording my first track, I found myself on the label of my dreams. »

13. 070 Shake has always been hugely a fan of Kanye West and Kid Cudi.

“I’ve listened to Kanye West and Kid Cudi all my life. I cried over their music. They changed my life. They saved me from a whole bunch of stuff. »

14. 070 Shake found out she had been retained on the tracklist of yes when ghosttown and Violent Crimes were played at the listening party!

“It was one of the best moments of my life. »

15. On the other hand, although she actively participated in the recording of jesus is king one year later, 070 Shake is missing from the final version.

16. For his first album Modus vivendi released in 2020, 070 Shake recorded “more than 100 pieces”for ultimately keep only fourteen.

17. In 2020, Tame Impala remixed his single Guilty Consciousness – To listen here.

The collaboration is all the more remarkable as the Australian group had not remixed a single song since waves de Miguel 2016, four years before.

18. 070 Shake doesn’t particularly appreciate having his sexuality labeled.

“I don’t like to identify as gay or as queer. I like girls, that’s all. »

19. Since last April, 070 Shake is officially in a relationship with singer Kehlani.

Both girlfriends staged themselves in the clip of melt where they explicitly flirt in front of the camera.

20. During his Parisian concert at La Cigale last September, 070 Shale brought on stage Christine and the Queens.

The two women had collaborated a few months earlier on Bodya song that appears on his second album, You Can’t Kill Me.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About The 070 Shake Sensation