Starting today “Assisi on the wire”, for 4 days the city hosts the popular and square theater

ASSISIFirst edition of Assisi On The Wire which, with its feet firmly planted on the clouds, which is saying something, will make the city a widespread stage for theater, music and the figurative arts.

“The logo on the poster – he explains Paolo Cardinali, artistic director of the Festival – refers to and evokes popular and square theater, the modern expressions of the circus world, the contemporary clown but is also understood as something that detaches itself from the ground, moves free in the air and alienates us from the miseries of the real. The beauty of the places of Assisi will be integrated with the beauty of art by establishing a protective and complicit relationship. We believe it is very important to create moments of encounter and comparison between different cultures. In this regard, from next year the artistic residencies in the municipality of Assisi will start with foreign companies aimed at the production of one or more shows to be represented within the festival itself and to be able to circumvent ”.

In this first edition, the program of the Festival, will see some artists from different parts of the world, among which, it is worth emphasizing given the historical moment, the Ukrainian group of DEKRU.



We will start with El Niño del Retrete (ARG) in “Cartoon Toylette”who will perform at 19:15 to Piazza Santa Chiara. In his show with a universal language, the Niño Retrete lets the child he carries within himself express himself. Inviting the audience to enter his humorous universe. Thus we discover a show full of emotions and play with an unusual style, played by a delusional character. The humor, the acrobatics, the numbers adapted to the rhythm of the music and the participation of the audience cause 50 minutes of laughter. The “Cartoon Toylette” show is suitable for all audiences. It has been represented in numerous international festivals: Spain, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, France, Peru, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Poland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Chile, Colombia, Russia, Finland and China. An elegant and unsettling humor, a contemporary clown with an eye to tradition.

At 20:45in Town Hall Squareit will be the turn of Maldimar (IT) in “Imaginary”. How many things are there in a book? A book can contain love and war stories, recipes and magic formulas. It can take us into the future and make us relive the past. We can even find an imaginary friend inside. Imaginaria is a world where everything is possible, made of ropes, suitcases and books. Below and above are just words, gravity does not exist, height is measured with the imagination. A fairytale told between pages of books and circus stunts. A journey into the imagination, to learn to dance with your dreams.

At 21:40in S. Rufino squarewill perform the Ukrainian group of Dekru in “Light Souls”. Four figures dressed in black and painted in white enter an empty scene and with only the use of the body they evoke the most imaginative scenarios. A cheerful circus, an Olympic competition, a mysterious underwater world and much more. Sequences taken from everyday life, made up of comic tics and funny situations, but also dreamlike love stories between two living statues and poetic portraits of nature. Light souls accompanies the viewer on a journey full of laughter in the comedy of life, between poetry and social satire, with a look that is both ironic and delicate. Spiritual heirs of Marcel Marceau, Dekru are an award-winning quartet of Ukrainian mimes whose physical virtuosity has amused and moved spectators from all over the world, including Pope Francis and the jurors of Ukraine’s got talent and Tu sí que vales Italia.

At 22the Festival will move to Garibaldi Squareto Santa Maria degli Angeliin collaboration with “Ente Palio J’Angeli 800”. Marco Meneghel (IT) in “Concertino under the stars” will accompany us to spend a pleasant evening with piano, accordion and manouche guitar. A sound journey into her imagination.


At 19:15At Piazza Santa Chiara, Theater in the Leaves (IT) in “Sweet madness”. An internationally renowned trapeze artist arrives on stage to present her acclaimed show, but something is wrong: the lights do not turn on, the technicians are not there, the radio only goes cha cha cha. The public gathered in the square to see a great circus show… who will win the hearts of the public? Between acrobatics, ball throwing, tango and comedy, an engaging and exciting show will come to life. A wacky clown arrives in the same square looking for work: how will he end up? who will win the hearts of the public? Between acrobatics, ball throwing, tango and comedy, an engaging and exciting show will come to life, which will make young and old laugh with laughter.

At 21in Town Hall Square, Ignifers (CZ) in “Inner Fire”. Igniferi is a fictional, almost ancestral character. A mysterious woman, a sharp warrior, always ready to fight to protect the world from the dark forces. Igniferi relates to open and free flames. She gives them life, dances and talks to them …… and the flames respond to them with the authentic power of the element of fire. A visual and scenographic show. A story told without words. She begins with a small flame, lit by a breath and continues, travels in an explosive celebration, expanding the burning and enchanting fire. The show ‘Inner Fire’ was created under the direction of Anton Lumi Bonura in 2017, written to the measure of the performer, making the most of her knowledge and potential, to create an integral and unique impression of her genre.

At 21:45it will be the turn of again Marco Meneghel (IT) with his “Concertino under the stars”. This time the appointment will be at Town Hall Square.


Give her 17 at 19in the alleys of Assisi, the Mabò Band with “Musical ambushes, don’t worry about knowing where we are, we are coming to look for you”.

A Band to be discovered! The Italian Brass Band that boasts countless imitation attempts. 20 years on the stages, in the squares, on TV and in the heart of the whole world. Since 1991 they roam the streets and stages of the world. After frequent musical forays on TV from the “Maurizio Costanzo Show” to “Giochi Senza Frontiere”, from “Mezzogiorno in Famiglia” in Rai to the recent entries on the mediaset network to “Striscia la Notizia” with Enzo Iacchetti, Mabò continues to bring its very original show in the most disparate contexts. From the prestigious “Just pour Rire” Festival in Canada to the various performances in Japan, from the frequent tours in Germany to the prestigious Comic Theater reviews in Austria, the band continues to export the verve and the sympathy that for decades distinguishes it.


At 22:15At Town Hall Square, Cyborg1 And Cyborg2 (IT)known to most as The Cyborgs, will perform in a real artistic performance, apparently far from their traditional stages. The duo arrived in our era in 2009 and has since released several alternative blues’n’boogie albums, starting with the first The Cyborgs – which in 2021 celebrates ten years – up to Bootleg Live in Studio (Bloos Records, 2019), which sees the participation of Cyborg0x in place of Cyborg0, forced to return momentarily to his era. The duo’s sound has conquered everyone, so much so that the two mysterious humanoids have been chosen over the years to open the concerts of Bruce Springsteen, Deep Purple, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Jeff Beck, John Mayall, Johnny Winter and many other famous artists international.


Assisi On The Wire will close with its special event, in collaboration with the “Courtyard of Francis 2022”. To amaze the public will think about it The Place (IT) in “Skyline – horizon line”. The exceptional stage bell tower of the Basilica of San Francesco. Il Posto is the first company in Italy specializing in site specific performance on vertical planes. It was born in 1994 in Venice, from the partnership between the choreographer Wanda Moretti and the musician Marco Castelli in order to create vertical shows that combine dance, architecture and music, merging the dramaturgies of the shows to the places in which they are represented and thus inspiring new ideas. reflections and perspectives. Skyline is the profile of our cities, it is a line created by buildings, it is the sign that crosses the sky and unites all shapes on the horizon and for this reason it represents and characterizes the uniqueness of every place, both natural and urban. Between these buildings the vertical dance is inserted with a spectacular performance where the dancers draw the sky with their body and share the immense panorama to anyone who looks. The show gives the city a powerful skyline where the poetry of dance and music paint new perspectives and visions. The dancers move lightly with a different gravity, suspended but solidly attached to the architectures that act as an umbilical cord to the dynamics and energetic flicker of flight.


All the shows of Assisi On The Wire they will be a free entry. For more information visit the website

The Festival is organized by Municipality of Assisi and from Zonafranca Cultural Association with the collaboration of Song and Music Author Association, Riverock Cultural Association, Ponte Levatoio Cultural Associationwill bring to the city the most varied forms of expression: from theater, to music, to the figurative arts.

Starting today “Assisi on the wire”, for 4 days the city hosts the popular and square theater – Vivo Umbria