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– For children: Zenón’s farm

The children’s phenomenon that broke all the records in the main theaters of the world, arrives with his new play in Cali to share with the family and entertain the little ones with a wonderful play The Zenón farm “El gran Gallo”. At the Jorge Isaacs Theater this Sunday, September 18, Bartolito, Zenón, El Lobo Beto, La Potranca Margarita, La Vaca Lola and all the animals from La Granja de Zenón that come to entertain adults and children will meet.

A meeting of family, dance, friendship and love in which you will be able to enjoy this unique multisensory experience, where you will be able to push all your senses to the limit. An immersive show that will allow you to travel through the 4 seasons of the year accompanied by their best songs.

Ticket office: Coltickets 602 661 1111 – 300 661 1111. Jorge Isaacs Theater 3:00 pm

– For the family: Dinosaurs and fantastic dragons

The most extraordinary exhibition ever seen in the country arrives in Cali, in which fantastic dinosaurs and dragons will coexist in the same habitat full of magic and fantasy. A sample from another planet that includes a tour of interactive and technological games that bring together these wonderful figures in an unprecedented way.

In this magical tour, lasting approximately one hour, the public will be able to see how the city is invaded and defended by dinosaurs and dragons, in an event full of suspense and, above all, fantastic entertainment. “In the exhibition, there will be more than 30 animatronics on stage, including life-size dinosaurs, such as the 10-meter-long T-Rex or the 8-meter-high Brachiosaurus, and we will also have a museum area where skeletons will be found. of dinosaurs 10, 9 and 5 meters long and interactive screens, among many other surprises”, says Pabón.

The exhibition will take place from October 7 to November 7 at the Valle del Lili Shopping Center (Antigua 14) from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm More information at www.dinosaursanddragonesfantasticos.com Facebook and Instagram @dinosydragonesfantasticos

Ticket office: (602) 661 1111 – 300 661111 Colboletos

– For those who want to laugh: Suspiciously light

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Liss Pereira, Tato Cepeda and Santiago Rendón, arrive in Cali in “Suspiciously light” is a fun stand up comedy in which the three comedians tell some of their anecdotes that they could not tell on the radio. They have been called immature, spoiled, eternal adolescents and it doesn’t shock them, wasted time brought them right where they didn’t want to, to the point where they are too young to die but too old to live. The podcast, which has a monthly average of one hundred thousand downloads, now reaches Caleños live and direct to make the attendees die of laughter, who will enjoy the occurrences of these three characters who, together, have managed to create a space of humor that break barriers.

Saturday, September 24 at the Jorge Isaacs Theater.

Reports and ticket office: Colboletos. 602 6611111 – 300 6611111. Tickets at home 315 7310808.

– Great book outlet

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September is the month of love and friendship and there is no better gift than a good book, a gift that invites adventures, strengthens the soul, enriches knowledge, encourages good habits and delivers through its lines wisdom and knowledge to be better and better.

This weekend, the largest traveling literary event in the country, organized by Dislectura, the book outlet, arrives at the Jardín Plaza Shopping Center.

There will be seven continuous days of exhibition in which book lovers will expand their literary offer and will be enchanted by the novelties that literature brings with important works that deserve to be read.

It is a wide and rich selection of academic, technical and investigative books (medicine, engineering, among others).

In addition to the widest variety of genres (novel: police, romantic, adventure, horror, fiction, reality, investigation, children’s) literary classics and books in general (self-help, erotic, home, economics, marketing, sports, spirituality, cooking, crafts, comics, history, art and design).

At present, all these works are usually sold at very high prices, so through this Great Book Outlet it is sought that people who read or who want to give or enjoy a good book can access them at prices that revolve around of the $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000.


What is there to do in Cali? | West Newspaper