Colombia a nation of hope that has survived the social impacts | Sort Newspaper

WITHIN THE TYRANNIC ARGUMENTS OF WEAK GOVERNANCES We live with always being right in the face of the truth of others and in the face of being scattered in error. Change must always begin for each one, socializing coexistence, rebellion, resistance and resilient struggle as a journey to transform the nation so that ours in … Read more


With more than three decades of career, actress Julia Roberts celebrates 55 years a few weeks away from finalizing her return to the big screen with a romantic comedy, the genre in which she has excelled the most. Winner of the Oscar for Best Actress; three Golden Globes in the categories Best Actress in a … Read more

CHARLIE, THE MUSICAL SAYS FAREWELL – El Sol Newspaper of Puerto Rico

El Sol de PR newspaper Caguas, July 20, 2022 – Captivating, emotional and inspiring the performance of Víctor Santiago, as the blessed Carlos Manuel Cecilio Rodríguez Santiago, known as “Charlie” in the staging of Charlie, the Musical. Víctor, is transformed in an incredibly moving way, which gives way to a whirlwind of emotions that are … Read more

Free newspaper for the next generation of December 17, 2022: “Hypersensitivity, intelligence and spirituality”

COURTESY RADIO CONTESTOFFICIAL RULES 1. NO-PURCHASE CONTEST. 2. Gift.The RADIO COURTESY contest (hereinafter “the contest”) is a game in which each winner will receive one (1) free six (6) month subscription to the “Valeurs Actuelles” magazine. Each day, a question will be asked during the morning “Ligne Droite”, the first ten (10) people to answer … Read more

From National Parks Day to a rewe with which it is not known what will happen | El Cordillerano Newspaper

One hundred and nineteen years ago, Francisco Pascasio Moreno ceded to the Nation some seven thousand five hundred hectares located in the vicinity of Laguna Frías and Puerto Blest, to the west of Lake Nahuel Huapi, so that, as he wrote in the donation letter dated November 6, 1903 – the day on which National … Read more

There will be a provincial Mapuche meeting in Bariloche | El Cordillerano Newspaper

A parliament of Mapuche-Tehuelche communities from Río Negro will be held in Bariloche on November 12 and 13. Although the referents of the original peoples had already been talking about the possibility of holding a meeting due to various problems related to territorial conflicts and issues that have to do with extractivism, as well as … Read more

The Wiritray community spoke of “organized crime” | El Cordillerano Newspaper

The Wiritray lof, located in the northern head of Villa Mascardi, which has always differed from the Lafken Winkul Mapu, spoke about the situation in the area. In a statement, its members begin by clarifying that theirs is “the only Mapuche community, historically and genuinely recognized on the margins of the Relmü Lafken coast. (as … Read more

Interview with the Mapuche teacher and actress who was detained in Villa Mascardi | El Cordillerano Newspaper

During the Mapuche march on Wednesday in Bariloche, Andrea Despo Cañuqueo was at the forefront. She is one of the women who were arrested in the Villa Mascardi eviction; she was the only one released, for not belonging to the so-called Lafken Winkul Mapu community. Likewise, he says that they still need to return documentation. … Read more

Mapuche referents wrote a letter to the pope | El Cordillerano Newspaper

From the Coordinator of the Parliament of the Mapuche People of Río Negro and the Council for the Development of Indigenous Communities (Co.De.CI), in particularly complicated moments, after the eviction of the so-called Lafken Winkul Mapu community in Villa Mascardi, and expressions of the lof Wiritray (historical in that place) contrary to the actions of … Read more