Burgos brings together art, culture, magic, traditions and technology in its Christmas 2022 program

Art, culture, traditions and technology have a place in the 2022 Christmas program of the Burgos City Council, and turns the city into a “showcase”, with the “active” participation of local artistic creators (musicians, actors, sculptors, singers, dance groups…), who share the stage with other artists from abroad.

This is how the Burgos City Council defines the Christmas program this year, with a city enveloped by lights and light sculptures in its main streets, and with a “varied and extensive” festive and cultural program, designed for all audiences. Music, theater, folklore, family proposals are a fundamental part of it, where the spirituality of traditions is accompanied by a collective invitation to tour Burgos and rediscover different spaces from a different perspective, in which, “the senses charge vitally important”

The main objectives of the Christmas 2022 programming in Burgos are focused on developing a quality cultural offer for all audiences, with innovative and attractive shows; encourage the participation of local creators in the programming, promoting the industry and the cultural fabric of the city; create employment in the cultural sector, artists, sound technicians, auxiliary personnel… and other sectors indirectly.

Likewise, it seeks to bet on a cultural offer in the open air; add the artistic exclusivity of the participating companies; and learn about the uniqueness and quality of the formations, facilities and shows.

´Program, artists and groups

One of the highlights of this year’s programming is the Christmas lighting. The Paseo del Espolón dresses up with thousands of lights, music and color. From the City Council they invite you to walk “under a great blanket of stars”, with a large structure RGB LED consisting of a tunnel 30 meters long, six meters high and six meters wide where a synchronized light show is projected and allegorical sound of Christmas, with elements referring to monuments, history and traditions of the city of Burgos.

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The Plaza Mayor meets visitors with the traditional Christmas tree and a huge walkable ball between 5.50 and 7 meters high and between 4.50 and 5.50 meters in diameter. In the Gamonal neighborhood (next to the Iglesia de la Real y Antigua) there is a luminous 3D wicker and LED nativity scene, in which the figures of the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Baby Jesus, an ox and a mule are housed.

The Paseo de Atapuerca presents a structure that represents a large-sized RGB LED kiosk, with a minimum of 8 meters in height and 8 meters in diameter, fixed lighting and daily passes in a choreography of light and music, which includes Christmas graphic motifs and characteristic of the city of Burgos.

In the musical field, the Burgos choirs fill the Espolón bandstand with music with a Christmas repertoire. Since last December 11, various choirs in the city have offered performances to the people of Burgos and visitors from this stage located on Paseo del Espolón. On December 24 it will be JustFriend’s turn at 1:00 p.m., on December 26 at 7:30 p.m. the Coral Comarcal de Pinares will perform; followed on December 27 by Just Friends. On December 29 at 7:30 p.m. it will be the turn of Coral Vadillos and on January 4 the instrumental music of JustFriend returns at 1 p.m.

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The traditional groups of dances and dulzainas, to the rhythm of the zambombas, tambourines, castanets, mortars and dulzainas, dance and sing to Christmas in Burgos, bringing traditional costumes and customs of our folklore to the streets. On December 23 at 8:00 p.m., Estampas Burgalesas will perform; on December 26 at 1:00 p.m. the Gavilla Traditional Group; on the 30th at 8:00 p.m. Friends of the Dulzaina. On January 2 (20 hours) Trébede Grupo Tradicinal, on the 3rd Arbayal Music and Traditional Dance, at the same time; and on January 4 at 7:30 p.m. Friends of the Dulzaina.


Among the activities offered by the City Council for these dates are the Christmas gymkhana, a free participatory game. This is a fun game for the whole family that consists of solving puzzles and passing tests of all kinds in less than 50 minutes.

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In the gardens of Ignacio del Río the show ‘La Senda de las Estrellas’ is also offered, a story that transforms the landscape through scenery, projections, light and sound.

In the gardens of the Palacio de la Isla, the people of Burgos can also enjoy a light installation from December 27 to 30 from 6 to 9 p.m. It is an original repertoire, whose intellectual property belongs to Fireworxx SA, an artistic company specializing in the installation of thousands of flames, with which they invite the passerby to rediscover the urban space under naturally magical and intimate lighting, creating projects specially designed and unrepeatable for each place, with artistic projects that are inspired by the relief and the environment.

The objective is to offer the public a walk through the senses, where sight, smell and hearing are fundamental: the magic of this installation will be to feel its light, its heat, the shadows it generates up close, smell the wax, listen to the music and perceive the transformation of space.
Also in the Palacio de la Isla, there is a Labyrinth of torches, where the public can live the experience of walking among hundreds of luminous points. There will also be a tree in the enclosure adorned with 50 colored lanterns that will change color.

Burgos brings together art, culture, magic, traditions and technology in its Christmas 2022 program