Summer plans for this weekend

Arija swamp, Burgos. | Source: BurgosConecta

We bring you seven options for this weekend that will make you leave home

In summer you also read and being on vacation should not be an excuse not to do it. The little ones should not see it as homework that starts in September and ends in June, but as something fun and fulfilling. Going out to play in the park, staying with friends… it’s something they love and they can do all year long whether it’s cold or hot, with or without school.

To make it easier for parents, we have selected some readings for the summer.
For those who begin to read or already read a little
‘Extramundos 3 el Bosque de las Tormentas’ with rhyming text and capital letters for those who are beginning to read. The children Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin and company make up the funniest gang in Little Camelot.

‘Escape from the Cemetery’ accompanies Pelusa, Pelon and Pinchón on adventures full of humor in capital letters. ‘The howling life of Eva Alagrande!’, an illustrated story to create new readers.

Arrives in Madrid, the museum where dreams come true

From May 6 to July 30, the innovative exhibition ‘Postology: Museum of Dreamers’ arrives at Espacio Ibercaja Delicias. The immersive exhibition that conquered Italy last year with its 16 installations dedicated to the most dreamers arrives in Madrid, directly from Milan.

‘Museum of Dreamers’ is a project created by Elena Y Giulia Sella, two Italian designers who founded Postology, an agency specializing in emotional and immersive experiences that aims to unite the physical and digital worlds to offer the public a unique experience where they can give unleash your imagination.

This exhibition format perfectly blends design and entertainment and invites attendees to be the protagonists of a path of experiences and escape in which they can share their dreams, overcome their fears and dream through sixteen installations full of colors, lights and music.

In its Milan edition, it reached 7 million people on social networks, managing to create a community of more than 70,000 followers on Instagram and with 13 million views on TikTok thanks to being a meeting place for influencers and personalities from the world of entertainment.

The great success of ‘Museum of Dreamers’ is due to its main objective, to entertain visitors throughout a motivating tour and make them part of all the details, interacting with the works to become part of them, being a source of inspiration. both for the young public and for the older ones.

Each of the 16 installations hide a strong visual impact, a motivational message designed to encourage visitors to believe in their dreams and never give up on them.

After a successful edition in Milan, being the most visited exhibition in Italy for 4 months with 250,000 visitors, ‘Museum of Dreamers’ arrives in Madrid from May 6 to July 30 to turn both young and old into dreamers.
Tickets available at the box office or through Eventim.
Prices: from €12 to €25 depending on the day and age.
Hours: Tuesday to Thursday: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Indiana Jones

‘Indiana Jones 5’ (or ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate’), the fifth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise, has arrived this year with a flurry of nostalgia. The now octogenarian Harrison Ford once again puts himself in the shoes of one of his most famous characters (for a reason we can count some of his installments among the best films in the history of cinema) to show us that the years weigh but not enough to keep him away from chases, shootouts and archaeological treasure hunts.

The release date of ‘Indiana Jones 5’ has been on June 28, 2023. You can go and enjoy it at any cinema in Spain.

Visit Soportújar town

Soportújar is a tourist destination of fantasy and spirituality. Located in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park and with the Guadalfeo at its feet, this town in Granada offers its visitors a series of natural charms that have earned it the title of “magical town”. The Soportújar mountain rises majestically over the town, giving it a mysterious and beautiful atmosphere at the same time. Perhaps for this reason, they have known how to exploit their old legends of witches and sorcerers, and it offers a witchcraft interpretation center where stories from far away places will be told. The Enchanted Bridge, the Uncle Añunas cave, known as the Ojo de la Bruja cave, and the Embrujo viewpoint are other tourist attractions that cannot be missed.

During the months of May and August, the town becomes a coven of costumes and acts that summon mystery, fear and paranormal phenomena. The Source of the Witches and the Era of the Crosses are two of the places that contribute to this enchanting and enigmatic aesthetic, where storytellers and legends make visitors tremble. In parallel, about three decades ago the O’Sel Ling Buddhist center was inaugurated in the so-called Alcazaba de Soportújar, with the stellar presence of the Dalai Lama himself, who blessed the place and the Buddhist followers who inhabit it.

The gastronomy in Soportújar is very similar to that of the rest of the Alpujarra. There the Alpujarreño dish, stews and porridge, serrano ham, migas, potatoes a lo pobre and sweets and desserts of Arab origin are eaten very well.

Informed sources recommend the Romero Taberna. There ‘witch food’ is served, such as the famous witch’s chocolate, kick where it hurts, one-eyed bat wings (which are chicken wings), etc…

Lemon Cocktail Bar (Menorca)

Next to Mahón is this cocktail bar that is characterized by its unconditional love for the classics of a lifetime, those that always work and never disappoint: Negroni, Old Fashioned, Dry Martini… Juan José Marcos’ mastery combines with an experience total: glassware and utensils from Cocktail Kingdom, exquisite service and a charming terrace with views of the port.

Arija Swamp, Burgos

Summer is here. And with it the desire not to want to get out of the water. We recommend the Arija reservoir, in Burgos. It is also known as the Ebro reservoir and is located a few kilometers from the source of the river in Reinosa. Its location is on the border between Castilla y León and Cantabria and the area in which it is located has been designated a Cataloged Wetland Zone. It is one of the largest in Spain and is crossed by several viaducts and bridges. Arija beach has a camping area, as well as one for windsurfing, kitesurfing or sailing.

latin party

The first edition of ‘Puro Latino Madrid Fest’ is being as memorable as its counterparts in other cities in our country. And it is that the ‘Puro Latino’ brand has already become an indisputable seal of quality. This is confirmed by the appointments of El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), Seville or Torremolinos. The one held yesterday, June 30, and the one today, July 1, will also be signed, without a doubt, by this debut edition of ‘Puro Latino Madrid Fest’.

The appointment in the City of Rock in the Madrid municipality of Arganda del Rey has everything in its favor. Some fantastic dates that are almost the starting signal for the summer, a location with all the benefits that a macro event like this requires and, of course, a first-rate line-up, full of national and international names.

This Saturday, July 1st, the following will be on stage: J Balvin, Dellafuente, Gente de Zona, Juan Magán, Omar Montes, Rvfv, Ballesteros DJ and Vilu Gontero.

Summer plans for this weekend