Regional anthology of exhibitions in 2023 #2

Let’s continue, certainly not exhaustive, the round in three parts of the Orlean picture rails, the Loiret and the Region.

By Jean-Dominique Burtin

Julie Anne B. The Red Crow.

As for the galleries in Orleans that opened recently, The Saint-Etienne Tower will present this year exhibitions devoted to painting, sculpture, photography and jewellery. The program is not stopped. The Grand Gallery will continue to host the works of its director and artist, Camille Thévenot. Much in demand, this Orleans space is currently developing its program, which has not yet been finalized. The Red Ravenin Jargeau, continues to present the works of Julie Anne B, its gallery owner, but will be open to new talents as well as proposals combining different forms of artistic expression.

Clemence Pollet at Lemon Yellow

Until March 11, the Orleans bookshop Jaune Citron, rue des Carmes, presents the works of Clémence Pollet, illustrator of children’s books. The publishers of the HongFei house met Clémence Pollet in October 2010, at the Troyes regional children’s book fair. A year later, Clémence began to work on the illustration for L’Auberge des ânes, which appeared in October 2012. Then came La Langue des Oiseaux, La Balade de Mulan and Confucius, une vie. Yellow lemon : “Clémence Pollet, a remarkable reader, not only knew how to perceive the ellipses and other innuendos, but made them present and palpable through her art of illustration. Éditions HongFei, created in 2007 by Loïc Jacob and Chun-Liang Yeh, have been based in Amboise since January 2013. HongFei, whose Chinese name means “Big bird in flight”, consistently cultivates a singular editorial line inviting readers to experience otherness through a triple theme: travel, interest in the unknown and the relationship to others“.

“Imbolc” at Lutetia

At the end of January, in the Orleans bar-brasserie Le Lutetia, place Sainte-Croix, the exhibition of Pol’s images on the theme of autumn will end. Stanislas Gros, a comic strip author from Orleans, will exhibit in turn at the beginning of February. This artist will present drawings of dolmens from the region that he recently discovered: As I realized that there was quite a bit of folklore around, my idea is to fill this gap by inventing deliberately fanciful legends and superstitions, mixing Celtic, prehistoric and other references. The exhibition should be called Imbolc, the name of the Celtic festival of February 1, which has become Candlemas for Christians”. The dolmens that this artist drew are those of Tavers, Epieds en Beauce and Tripleville, those he got into the habit of “ to visit to celebrate the progression of the Earth » around the sun, during the solstices and equinoxes: “I call these walks, cyclocarnut pilgrimages, from the name of the Gallic religion of which the forest of Orléans was one of the high places. »

Stanislas Gros at the Lutetia.

At the Ancient Art Gallery.

From January 28 to February 11, the Orleans gallery Ancient Artrue Jeanne d’Arc, invites you to discover the creations of artists who marked the history of art in the city, and beyond, in the first half of the 20th century. Jeanne Champillou, Jean-Pierre Blanchet, Denise Benoit, Jean Feugereux, Raymond Lejeune and Pierre Pommier will be honoured. For Philippe Vasseur, gallery owner and framers who will present here engravings, watercolors, paintings and sculptures: “ Having the habit of presenting works by contemporary artists, however, I like to return from time to time to artists from another era; loving to believe that the younger generations can continue to be inspired by it”.

Jean Feugereux at Ancient Art.

The Garage Gallery

In Orléans, due to the work undertaken on rue de Bourgogne, the Le Garage gallery, from Michael Duboishowever, finds itself forced not to offer new appointments for this year.

At the Printing Museum Workshop, in Malesherbes

Three exciting exhibitions are currently taking place in mid.

“Marcel Jacno, typo-graphic designer”: this monographic exhibition is presented until September 24th. From the packet of Gauloise cigarettes to the visual identity of the TNP (Théâtre National Populaire), via the Z of the Cinzano brand or even the headlines for France-Soir, Marcel Jacno (1904-1989), was one of the graphic most prolific French people of the 20th century.

“The scrap metal of Pierre Bergounioux”: until March, this exhibition presents sseventy-one pieces exhibited on long benches. Each one tells a story, that of their use: mower teeth or blade, lag bolts, fork sockets, compressed sheets, coupling hooks… and those resulting from the work of the sculptor-scrap metal worker: a cactus, Fendi dolls, a sullen head , a Bambara-inspired antelope, tributes to Caesar, Mondrian, Jean Harp…

“The writings of Jean-Claude Bourdais”: Jean-Claude Bourdais, like Jean Cortot, the painter of words, could be defined as a cacograph – the one who writes badly, as opposed to the calligrapher – thereby inviting the reader to an effort of deciphering. The taste for painting is here that of making a mark with the letters that intoxicate without bothering with big words and small sentences that solemnize or murder. This exhibition runs until March.

Paper fair and its metamorphoses: From January 27 to February 5, at the Maison des Associations in Veneux (77), the AMI joins forces with the Camille Varlet Art Center and takes part in the second biennial entitled Salon du papier et ses metamorphoses. Whether it is folded, crumpled, sewn, cut, chewed… paper is an infinite source of creation. About forty craftsmen and artists specializing in paper, cardboard and fiber – including friends of the AMI – are invited to exhibit and present their works made from paper. Mural works, installations, live shows, demonstrations, initiations, workshops… the public will be able to discover the multiple artistic perspectives of paper. And, in particular, the works of Delphine Ferré, visual artist who learned about the subtleties of the technique of typography: art of reverse composition, rules of punctuation and specific vocabulary, tightening of characters.

At the castle of Saint-Jean-le-Blanc

Each year, the town of Saint-Jean-le-Blanc organizes, with the participation of the artistic associations of the town, a major exhibition at the castle of Saint-Jean-le-Blanc.

Painters and sculptors will thus exhibit from June 16 to 25 on the picture rails of the castle of the city. Note: concerts offered by the Municipal School of Music will be given, in June, under the bandstand built in the park of the residence: 23 at 6:30 p.m., 24 at 4:30 p.m., 25 at 11 a.m.

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