‘Phoenix Secret is going to transform the lives of millions of people around the world’, by Victor Aroca

Victor Aroca In this interview, he talks about the multiverse that he has created over more than 15 years, called Phoenix Secret, and several simultaneous universes derive from it. Throughout this interview, the reader will be able to know what is phoenix secret and where their existence leads in the multiverse.

Victor, what is Phoenix Secret really?

Initially, Phoenix Secret was the idea of ​​a title for a movie, a blockbuster that later became a trilogy.

Because I like the series format more, all the content that I already had was transformed into six seasons from start to finish, all the story arcs closed seamlessly, each subsequent season is more intense and interesting than the previous one, but now it’s much more than everything mentioned.

Finally, the name became a registered trademark from which other names are derived, such as Phoenix Secret Tv, Phoenix Secret Awards and Phoenix Secret Films, among others, as well as a saga of books that covers two worlds in two parallel universes with different timelines. and futurists.

Let’s get to know part of this multiverse. What could you tell us about the Phoenix Secret Awards?

They are the entertainment industry awards for conscientious artists only.

You cannot participate in these prizes if you do not pass the selection filter, which is quite strict. Not only musical or film quality is considered, but also the message, which must be in line with our universe.

When we sing a song, we generate multiple potential futures, positive or negative, when we speak the same thing happens, so these awards will inspire other artists to create or make songs, series or movies with an awakening message.

We do not deny the negative polarity, simply that in the face of a conflict there must be a resolution of it to provide added value to the awakening and growth of each viewer. That must be the intention, in addition to entertaining, nurturing the soul and our subconscious.

Could you explain to us what exactly is a negative or positive potential future?

Of course, to make it easy to understand I am going to give an example; If in the lyrics of a song we sing “I am between good and evil, but I choose to do good with love”, it is a potential that someone has to activate, yes or yes, so that your lyrics promote a better world.

If, on the other hand, we think of darkness, manipulation, complaint, suicide, then we are responsible for someone activating that potential. This happens in our quantum field, that’s why everything we see on television or in reality is the result of all the thoughts and emotions that all of humanity manifest.

«We cannot and should not try to cancel everything negative because it also has a purpose of growth and evolution, the meaning that you want to give to your life or existence is where you put the focus of your attention».

What would you tell us about Phoenix Secret Tv?

A video platform with its own television channel and a radio station.

The videos that will be shown on our channel will be conscientious and with a fully professional format; would not be admissible speaker speaking in front of a camera in an amateur way and a video with low resolution as it usually happens in some platforms of streaming.

We appeal to aesthetic care in everything we are going to project and it is directly or indirectly part of our multiverse. Phoenix Secret Tv will be a way to connect with the world and where you can see, among others, our series or productions.

What will be the first season of the series that we will see?

As we have mentioned, Phoenix Secret has two timelines, the one from the year 2070 and 2370. The first season, which consists of 11 episodes, is set in the year 2070. Both parallel universes will have a crossover in the future.

For the timeline of the year 2370, in addition to movies and series, we will make ourselves known in this parallel universe with a short film of twenty minutes, entitled Phoenix Secret – Ego vs. Divinity.

It will be shot in 3D because we believe that this film experience will be very popular due to the special effects that we will use and it will be shown in all theaters, dubbed into 12 languages. Spirituality is the way to be free and create the reality we want by doing the greatest possible good for others, therefore, being a universal message, we want to project it to the maximum number of people in all the cinemas around the world, with its respective native languages.

What is the purpose of two timelines in Phoenix Secret?

Everything has been a very slow but necessary process. I had thought of writing an independent book saga for the awakening called wake up, I channeled a message from the universe and received the suggestion to make personal growth content in a parallel world novelistic and use the same characters to connect with the audience. So I decided to have the multiverse under the same name, Phoenix Secret.

The beauty of this is that being two completely different worlds and with three hundred years of evolution, there are differences in the same characters and their way of contemplating a conflict, however, we can also express here how timeless all our production is, because it is in 2070 or in 2370, all people face the same challenges and challenges. Evolution is what changes the prism and when this happens your way of reacting is more evolved, but even so, we will see how regardless of each line, we all face opportunities to grow and improve who we are.

There are many books on personal growth or development on the market, some of them very good, but my idea was to go further, take a quantum leap, so I followed that message I received to transmit that philosophy through a novelistic format, where the conversations between characters would make the format much more attractive, both for readers and viewers. Explain what happens to us, why and how to surf the wave, attractive and deep dialogues between characters, friends, couples, co-workers, with a lot of action, suspense, risks, mystery, humor, romance, spirituality, duality, twists one hundred and eighty degrees that no one will be able to notice and much more, we find it much more fun than doing it in a conventional format.

We are very sure of something dream team:»Phoenix Secret is going to transform the lives of millions of people around the world».

In each chapter we would have a clear understanding of each universal law, how to put power in our favor, how to reverse or transmute discordant situations, which have made us believe for so long that they must be our reality.

You mentioned Phoenix Secret Films, do you contemplate other external productions?

The idea is not only to produce all our creations, which are now our priority, but also to help other artists who feel inspired to create a better world, help them or finance their ideas, in order to add together, different angles of seeing reality and give more formats for the awakening of consciousness. It is not about monopolizing spirituality with our multiverse, but about amplifying it even more, all this is infinite, there are no limits, there is room for others, but the arguments or ideas must stand out a lot, it must be something very well thought out and elaborated.

Tell us, Victor, what would you especially highlight about this multiverse called Phoenix Secret?

Very simple, this is a multiverse that is not for sale, it is not for sale, there is a very pure message, this leads you to create a factory literally speaking from start to finish. It may be a lot of work, but we don’t care, the motivation is limitless, we care that the message arrives without filters, that it be as it should be, to remove the veil. No blank check is tempting, because it is not about money, but about a purpose that unites us all and that provides added value that goes far beyond everything material and all the dream team that we have agreed to meet to fulfill this atypical, timeless and exciting mission, we are convinced and determined until our last breath.

‘Phoenix Secret is going to transform the lives of millions of people around the world’, by Victor Aroca