Calu Rivero and Aíto de la Rúa: a love story that is still being written thirteen years later

news of pregnancy Calu Rivero Y Aito de la Rua It surprised everyone, especially since no one was entirely sure if the couple was still together. Both of them keep a low profile, talk little about their private lives and never give too many explanations about their relationships. They had been seen very close last summer in Uruguay, and the image surprised many: their love story had been written a long time ago and seemed definitively closed. But it seems that this time that hackneyed phrase that ensures that “where there was fire, ashes remain” was true; they met for the first time in Punta del Este and, thirteen years later, they met again in the same place.

Calu Rivero and Aíto De la Rúa, last year in Punta del EsteMarcelo Rodriguez

The actress and the son of former president Fernando de la Rúa met in the summer of 2008 and had a brief but intense romance and, above all, a lot of exposure. At that time, Rivero was taking his first steps in acting, and with great success, in programs such as Ugly Duckling Y Almost angelswhile fully displaying his title of it girl. “We pamper each other, we seduce each other, we kiss. Ours is like that, it doesn’t need an explanation. We are and period ”, she said about her relationship with Aíto. The paparazzi wouldn’t leave them alone, but it was a summer romance. The separation was on good terms and there were no scandals; the fire was simply put out. They stayed on good terms and talked every time they met, by chance or by the tricks of fate..

Aito De La Rua and Calu Rivero
Aito De La Rua and Calu Rivero

In these years she continued to work as an actress and as a model, she immersed herself fully in a spiritual path, she raised her voice to tell her hard experience with Juan Darthés during the recordings of Sweet love, he adopted the name Dignity and moved to the United States. For his part, Aíto lived for a few years in Amsterdam and became interested in the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin, a component present in hallucinogenic mushrooms. “Unfortunately, in Argentina it is not allowed to work with these substances because the legal framework does not allow it, but it is a very interesting issue that can solve many things,” he said in a radio interview some time ago. The only coincidences between the actress and the businessman in recent years are their many trips and that they are both interested in spirituality and sustainability: they live in close contact with nature and are committed to healthy living.

Thirteen years after that last goodbye kiss, they looked at each other again as if time had not passed. It was during this summer, also in Punta del Este. And like the first time, they met by chance at a party with mutual friends. At first they hid, because they didn’t even know what was happening to them and they didn’t want to be asked anything. Until an indiscreet paparazzi showed the first photo of the couple walking very caramelized, on the beaches of José Ignacio. By then the two were more relaxed and she spent many days at De la Rúa’s family farm, La Colorada, in Rocha.

The actress and the businessman, during the past summer
The actress and the businessman, during the past summerMarcelo Rodriguez

Neither of them confirmed or denied anything until just a few days ago the information about Calu’s four months of pregnancy was leaked: she posted a photo in which they are seen from afar, and wrote: “Shine like the sun.”

Calu has already traveled to his native Catamarca to give the good news to his entire family and is preparing to go through the pregnancy in Uruguay, close to his new love. The baby will be born in the summer and, so far, the couple does not know if it will be a boy or a girl.

Although she always tried to keep a low profile, the actress had several partners, some of them famous. In 2010, Calu met the musician Emmanuel Horvilleur, with whom he was for two years. They fell in love filming the singer’s video clip 12.30. “With Emma we redefine our great love. She was at my last birthday, ”she told a couple of years ago, realizing the good relationship she has with the former Illya Kuryaki.

In 2013 she began a relationship with the Darin Chinesewhom he met during the recordings of the strip Someone who loves me. They separated after seven months, but during that time they shared trips and she forged a strong relationship with the actor’s parents, Ricardo Darín and Florencia Bas. About Chino, Calu once said: “He is a person I will always love. I love and miss the Daríns.”

Calu Rivero and Chino Darin, in 2013
Calu Rivero and Chino Darin, in 2013File, Archive

In 2015, the actress began an affair with the polo player Pablo polito pieres. They were together for a year. “We couldn’t handle the distance and two strong races,” she said when they parted ways. “With Polito, as with everyone, I treasure something beautiful that I shared. I like to give them a hug, like those who have ties that do not break and wish them the best“, said.

In 2018 he met another musician, Joaquin VitolaIndian singer. They were together a little less than a year.

Calu with Andrey Manirko, his last official couple
Calu with Andrey Manirko, his last official coupleInstagram

In 2020, Calu revealed his romance with the Russian documentary filmmaker Andrey Manirko, whom he had met in New York in the midst of a pandemic. They lived together for a time in Punta del Este, but at some point the bond was broken.

Calu Rivero and Aíto de la Rúa: a love story that is still being written thirteen years later