Paris, between the Orient and Scandinavia, with Rains and Sean Suen

Translated by sebastian hernandez Posted on 20 jan 2023 This Thursday, buyers, journalists and fashionistas toured a Paris at times empty, at times plagued by unbearable traffic, due to a long day of strike against a plan to reform the pension system announced by the French Government. Two international brands, the Danish Rains and the … Read more

Gad Elmaleh et son nouveau spectacle diffusé sur Canal+: “C’est ça, en fait, le stand

Pour un artiste qui ne vit que pour la scène, la crise sanitaire a été une véritable torture. Gad Elmaleh est de cette caste. Son dernier spectacle, D’ailleurs, diffusé ce vendredi 20 janvier 2023 sur Canal+, a été peaufiné durant le premier confinement. Par obligation. Alors quand il a été de nouveau possible de se … Read more

The Spiritual Film Week in the Diocese of Salamanca opens to the alfoz

On Monday, February 17, the film “El amor en su lugar” will be screened for secondary school students at 12:00 pm at the Van Dick Cinemas. And as a novelty, the possibility of watching a film in spring is offered to schoolchildren from 3rd to 6th grade of Primary Education in Alfoz, in Villares de … Read more

Preview “Luca Alinari the painter of two worlds”

“The painter of two worlds” by the Florentine director Lorenzo Borghini, is an intimate journey into the universe of an extraordinary artist such as, Luca Alinari (Florence, 1943-2019.) The film is not an artistic monograph but a sort of immersion in the life of Luca Alinari, thanks to the testimonies of friends who have crossed … Read more

La guida. Le Messe in diretta tv e social di sabato 2 e domenica 3 luglio 2022

È un pensiero di speciale affetto per il Papa quello che ci può accompagnare in questa XIV Domenica del tempo ordinario (IV dopo la Pentecoste per la Chiesa ambrosiana). Francesco infatti aveva in programma proprio nei prossimi giorni l’atteso viaggio in Africa, nella Repubblica Democratica del Congo, ma la ridotta mobilità delle ultime settimane ha … Read more

Francesco Bruni: “Everything I do asks for salvation”

In the midst of his third artistic life, that as a director, after his theatrical debut (“In Livorno we had set up a company”) and the long intermezzo as a screenwriter for others (his signature is in Virzì’s greatest successes), Francesco Bruni he had a revelation: “I think Catholics like me.”He says it softly, betraying … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Stones, Their Meaning and Properties

In the first moment, the spiritual stones may seem like the latest fashion in the wellness universe and astrology to spread love and good vibes. But after gaining an army of loyal fans, including Miranda Kerr, Adele, Katy Perry and the Gigi and Bella Hadidthese crystals have become big business backed by many who claim … Read more