Will Smith breaks the silence and (in a video) apologizes to Chris Rock

Four months after the slap a Chris Rock on the night of the Oscars, Will Smith he sits down in front of a camera and sincerely reveals his thoughts. On his YouTube channel he posted a video in which, while keeping his gaze straight at the lens, you can read the depth regret And embarrassment for that gesture that has perhaps dirtied his image forever.


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To the many who asked him why he did not immediately apologize to Chris Rock in the speech of thanks for the award received with the film A winning family – King RichardSmith explained: “At that moment in my head everything was confused. I then tried to contact Chris Rock but for now he doesn’t feel ready to talk to me. When he is, he will look for me. I want to apologize to him: my gesture was unacceptable and when you want to talk to me I’ll be there“.

Apologies that he believes he should ask not only to the person concerned, but also to Rose RockChris’s mother, who had commented with pain on the night of the Oscars: “When he slapped my son, he hit us all. It’s as if she slapped me too. ‘ So Will Smith also addressed her: “At that moment I absolutely didn’t think about how many people I was hurtingI apologize to you, to your family, to Tony Rock (Chris’s brother, ed) with whom we have been friends for a long time. My mistake is probably irreparable“.

Before we get to this apology video, Will Smith worked a lot on himself and according to what some sources report, he wanted to follow different therapeutic and spiritual paths. You can also sense this from the emotion he betrays in the video: “I spent months reliving the moment, to rethink the various nuances and complexity of that event. And I want to tell you that then nowhere in my brain is there a belief that it was right, that it was right“.

Will Smith feels he has to make a further clarification: that evening it was not the sorry reaction of his wife, Jada Pinkett, to the joke about alopecia that prompted him to take the stage to slap Chris Rock. «I chose, I made the decision. I apologize to you, to my children and my family for all that I have caused him ». Recently Pinkett expressed the desire that the two actors reconcile: “My deepest hope is that these two intelligent men will have the opportunity to talk about it, heal and reconcile”.

If the personal relationships between the actors involved are compromised, so are the workthe careerL’public image. Will Smith knows this and for this reason he speaks directly to the public and to the experts, to those who wanted to award him with the Oscar: «Saying I’m sorry is not enough. My biggest pain is having let people down. It hurts me psychologically and emotionally“.

As often happens, what seems more difficult is to forgive oneself than to be forgiven: “I am repentant in the depths of my heart, I am trying not to be ashamed of who I am. I am human, I made a mistake. I’m trying not to think of myself as a piece of shit. ‘

In so much sorrow, the conclusion relies on hope: “I know I have done a horrible thing, but I swear that I will put all my effort to bring light, love and joy to the world. If you wait for me, we will be able to be friends again“.

Will Smith breaks the silence and (in a video) apologizes to Chris Rock