The spirit of Alphonse Allais crowns Claude Lelouch, Lola Sémonin, Anny Duperey and Richard Fussner

Filmmaker Claude Lelouch, novelist Lola Sémonin, actress Anny Duperey and oenologist Richard Fussner were crowned by the Alphonse Allais Academy in 2022. Alphonse Allais Academy

WE WERE THERE – The Academy dedicated to humour, represented by its chancellor Xavier Jaillard and its “prefect of morals” François Rollin, presented the Jules Renard, René de Obaldia and, of course, Alphonse Allais prizes on Monday evening.

Why do we wash away an insult while we face an affront?», this question as delicate as it is paradoxicalAlphonse Allais, under-gifted pharmacist from Honfleur who became master of good words reflects all the genius of his mind. Since 1954, this smiling Academy has done its best to keep his memory alive. On Monday November 7, at the start of the evening, under the leadership of Xavier Jaillard, chancellor of the Allaisiens and the actor François Rollin, apostolic nuncio of the cults and uneducated of the institution, presented the Alphonse Allais prize and the two awards literary works now recognized by the biggest publishers: the Jules Renard Prize and the Short Forms Prize René de Obaldiaa category that was not yet in the spotlight.

Since Adventure is adventure, tremendous cinematic praise of “bullshit” and A man and a woman and his Chabadabadawe know that Claude Lelouch knows how to marry humor and seriousness with genius. The academy awarded him the coveted Prix Alphonse Allais created by Henri Jeanson in 1954. It rewards the work of a lifetime by honoring this filmmaker who firmly believes that “love is better than life“.

As for the Jules Renard Prize, it went to Anny Duperey for his novel The arena tourand the special jury prize to Lola Sémonin (at the theatre, the famous Madeleine Proust) for her incredible tetralogy (1800 pages!) of an (invented) biography of her character as a Franche-Comté peasant from the 20th century.ecentury, The Madeleine Proust, a life (4 volumes).

The René de Obaldia prize goes to a distinguished winemaker

Short-form honours, award René de Obaldia– who died recently at the age of 103, and who well deserved a prize – was awarded this year to Richard Fussner, writer, winemaker and, incidentally, oenologist (he is director of the illustrious Château de Clos -Vougeot), for his dictionary The little Fussner.

Finally, the most unexpected was undoubtedly the awarding of the special prize of the René de Obaldia jury to a collective work written by 43 Academicians from Allais, and entitled Should ideas be masked where everyone evokes the profound effects of confinement on their personal life. Xavier Jaillard announced, during the ceremony conducted drum beating under the sign of humour, that the release of this book will take place on the track of the Grüss circuson which all writers will have the pleasure and advantage of being able to dedicate this breviary of intelligent exile to all amateur bibliophiles… of Allaisian spiritual independence.

The spirit of Alphonse Allais crowns Claude Lelouch, Lola Sémonin, Anny Duperey and Richard Fussner