“The cure in the gaze”: many projects for the association that promotes the culture of palliative care

This morning, in Sala Giolitti, in the building of the Province of Cuneo, the association “La Cura nel gaze” was presented, a partnership born in recent months that is responsible for supporting palliative care activities in the ASL CN1 area.

To set it up Fabrizio Giai, president, together with the doctor Fabrizio Mottato Ilaria Binioncologist, ad Emanuela Pignatapsychotherapist, and the nurse Martha Astesano.

A theme, that of death and the end of life, difficult to deal with. For those who are experiencing it on their own skin, for those who deal with it professionally, for family members, who have to face the during and after.

How to “look” at this moment which involves physical, psychological and spiritual aspects? Of all the actors involved, none excluded. Starting right from the look, a component whose importance we have all learned to understand when wearing a mask on the face was the only means of communication and exchange, especially in a medical environment.

The gaze is the first link for a valuable relationship capable of giving moral and physical support to face the disease.

This morning, at the presentation of the many projects of the association, there was the president of the Province Luca Robaldo, as host, the general director of the ASL CN1 Giuseppe Guerra, Dr. Claudio Blengini, vice president of the Order of Doctors of the province of Cuneo, Remo Galaverna, president of theOrder of Nursing Professions of the province of Cuneo.

The President of the Region is also in connection Albert Cirio. And then many mayors and representatives of the institutions.

Mission of the association is to “promote the culture of palliative care and concretely support palliative care activities in the local health authority CN1”. In particular at the Busca Hospice. Many initiatives, also to support the projects of the association, which has already purchased two vehicles to be used for home care, thanks to the help of the CRF and CRS Foundations and with the contribution of the Busca Solidarity Fitwalking of 2022. The association has also inaugurated a Big Bench, as a metaphor for the path of care for sick people. It is located in the park of Casa Francotto, in Busca, a short distance from the Hospice.

The group of psychologists has also created an “Unconventional Palliative Care Manual” for the “Someone Says No” course aimed at nursery and primary school teachers. A need that arose after the death of two young mothers, when teachers had to address the subject in the classes of children who had suffered mourning.

Then many projects in the pipeline: the Christmas concert at the Hospice, which will see the performance of the children of the Busca primary school, the library dedicated to palliative care operators, training for home assistants and operators; furthermore, the purchase of an ultrasound machine and the training of the operators for the implantation of venous accesses at home; the course of social aesthetics in oncology and the hospice garden.

President Fabrizio Giai he told the reason for this association, born from a change that involved his life, the death of Manuela, his wife, who died of cancer at the age of 48. She was an employee of ASl CN1, she was a nurse who followed cancer patients.

“The cure in the gaze” is a name inspired by the title of a book by Franco Arminio, a Neapolitan poet. Giai read a small sentence, “I look at everything as if it were beautiful and if it isn’t I have to look at it better”. In this lies the sense of association, the theme of death and the end of life, an uncomfortable theme, but one that we must learn to look at differently, face to face. His thanks to the management of Asl CN1, for the support and support that the association needs. To which everyone can contribute, even with donations and through the 5 per thousand.


“The cure in the gaze”: many projects for the association that promotes the culture of palliative care