Great success for the 17th PEM! Festival that closes with Luca Morino of Mau Mau and Pilar Fogliati


Great responses from the public for the 17th “PeM! Festival – Parole e Musica in Monferrato”, the Piedmontese event of meetings, stories and songs with the artistic direction of Enrico Deregibus, which kicked off on 27 August and continued until 1 October.

There are still two scheduled appointments, since the tribute evening to Franco Battiato with Pino Marino scheduled for September 28 at the Valenza City Center of Culture has been postponed to a later date due to illness of the artist. Also postponed, this time due to bad weather, was the literary walk dedicated to Beppe Fenoglio with Davide Longo which was scheduled for 25 September between San Salvatore and Lu Cuccaro. Both events will be recovered soon.

Confirmed, and much awaited, instead the appointment of Thursday 29 September in Pontestura at the Teatro Verdi at 21. The protagonist will be Luca Morino with an evening halfway between a concert and an interview with Enrico Deregibus. As a founding member and leader of Mau Mau, Morino became a leading exponent of Italian music in the nineties by combining Piedmontese with sounds from all over the world. Before that he had been the pillar of Loschi Dezi, while since 2003 he has undertaken various solo projects. In Pontestura he will preview some songs from his next album. Morino is eagerly awaited also because many in the area remember the Mau Mau concerts in the 1990s in Quarti di Pontestura and at the Omnia in Gaminella. During the evening there will also be space for the Casalese band Amish, who will play some songs from the new album “Chi sei tu”, sung in Monferrato dialect.

The 1st October the “PeM! Festival” will close in Valenza, again at the Centro di Cultura but at 6 pm, with a meeting with the brilliant actress Pilar Fogliati hosted by Riccardo Massola (creator of the festival 17 years ago). The “Queen of Hearts” – the successful Rai1 series where she plays Delia, the cardiologist expert in listening to the heartbeat – was born in Alessandria and has a deep bond with Valenza. She starred in numerous films, she will be the godmother of the next Turin Film Festival. The meeting will be opened by the singer-songwriter Nicola Project, winner last week of the PeM Music Contest in the “Rock, indie, copyright” section.

Pilar Fogliati

The fulcrum of the festival is made up of meetings with singers and songwriters who tell their stories by interspersing the words with a musical part. But this year there are also several appointments concerning theatre, cinema, literature, all with free admission, without reservation, between Monferrato and its surroundings.

Throughout the calendar of “PeM!” 2022 presents eighteen appointments in eight municipalities, all with free admission without reservation, to constitute a traveling festival that touches San Salvatore (the lead municipality), Lu-Cuccaro, Balzola, Valenza, Mirabello, Alessandria, Pontestura and Rive.

The previous dates saw the Statuto, Vasco Brondi, Roberta Giallo (with a tribute to Lucio Dalla), Carlot-ta, Chiamamifaro, Paolo Benvegnù on stage, a tribute evening for Maurizio Martinotti, Marina Massironi with readings by Mario Lodi, Violante Placido , Morgan, Arturo Brachetti, Maurizio Crosetti in an appointment on the World Cup in Spain ’82 and Ron.

New this year is the “PeM Music Contest”, the music competition for young artists in the province of Alessandria. In the final at the Country Sport Village of Mirabello, Nicola Project (born Nicola Coppola, from Valenza) prevailed in the “Rock, indie and copyright” section and Rome (born Pietro Romagnoli, from Casale Monferrato, who performed with its producer Alessandro Re) in the “Urban” one.


29 September, 9 pm: meeting/concert with Luca Morino – Pontestura (AL), Teatro Verdi, Piazza Castello 19

October 1, 6 pm: meeting with Pilar Fogliati – Valenza (AL), Municipal Center of Culture, piazza XXXI Martiri 1

The festival has now become a point of reference in the Italian musical and cultural panorama, as evidenced by the attention of the national press and the artists who participated in it, names such as Enrico Ruggeri, Diodato, Malika Ayane, Nada, Samuel, Roy Paci, Zen Circus, Tosca, Motta, Vittorio De Scalzi, Ghemon, Frankie hi-nrg mc, Luca Barbarossa, Irene Grandi, Giovanni Truppi, Marina Rei, Bobby Solo, Davide Van De Sfroos, Francesco Bianconi, Ex-Otago, Erica Mou, Ensi, Giorgio Conte, Massimo Bubola, Francesco Baccini, Ricky Gianco, Paolo Bonfanti, Pino Marino, Zibba, Francesca Incudine, Carlo Massarini and, in non-musical fields, Guido Catalano, Ernesto Ferrero, Luca Sofri, Franco Arminio, Rosetta Loy, Gianluigi Beccaria, Natalino Balasso, Guido Davico Bonino, Anita Caprioli, Giuseppe Cederna, Fabio Troiano, Bruno Gambarotta.

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Great success for the 17th PEM! Festival that closes with Luca Morino of Mau Mau and Pilar Fogliati – Monferrato Web TV