The 10 most important cards of the Tarot online and what they mean

Whether you want to get a reading soon or are interested in learning more about traditional tarot, a little research can go a long way. Of course, unless you are experienced, you will need a professional psychic to interpret your card spread.

With that being said, it’s worth knowing which cards are better and why. Some cards are prized for the art style of their illustrations, which is irrelevant in terms of meaning. Some others are preferred for their precision and insights.

Of all the 78 cards in the tarot deck, which are the best and what makes them so special?

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles has the hidden meaning of a new beginning in life. Power positivity as well as prosperity. It means abundance in everything that is considered good. The letter is illustrated with a hand that comes from heaven, as well as a gold coin.

When you get this card, it defines potential, progress, love, happiness, and positivity to achieve your goals sooner rather than later. In terms of relationships, it means healthy and strong connections with your loved ones.

Ace of Cups

If love and relationships are your main concerns, the Ace of Cups is the ultimate card. It is about intimacy, relationships or love. This card is easy to identify because it shows a golden cup from which five streams of water come out.

The cup is associated with your spiritual ego, while the streams of water signify the subconscious mind. If you draw this card, get ready to find love soon or you may be about to experience a rush of positive emotions. This card speaks of internal sparks and glow.

The star

La Estrella is one of the classics of the free love tarot online and a desired option for everyone who has a reading. Associated with Uranus, it highlights faith and hope, as well as spirituality. The card shows a woman by a pool, holding two containers. The real star is in the sky, just above her head.

There is a lot of symbolism in this card. The woman symbolizes your vulnerability, while the star is your essence. It is surrounded by seven smaller stars, each of which defines a chakra. If you draw this card, you will find a new you, as well as peace after the chaos.


The Sun is another classic that brings clarity into your life. It means that you are heading to a warm period in your life that can affect your love life, career or any other aspect. The card shows a large sun, a boy on a horse, and some sunflowers.

The interpretation can go in more directions, from warmth and positive energies to radiance, abundance and some achievement. It is a power card that also indicates an increase in your physical energy.


The Lovers card shows Adam and Eve with an angel. They are in Eden, so you can also see the apple tree and the snake. It is a balance card and clearly refers to choices that can affect your relationships and social skills.

This is considered the best letter for love in the tarot yes or no free on-line. It means passion, romanticism, compassion, excellent energies, honesty and harmony.


The Death card is the one that nobody wants to see, but it is often misunderstood. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will die, so you don’t have to worry. People make too literal interpretations of this card, but they forget that it can also be a positive card.

Something is about to die in your life. It could be a dramatic event, but it could also be the end of something moderate, which means something bigger will come out of it. It is a renewal card that will bring you great benefits if you can resist and overcome the endings.

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles is similar to Death. It is easy to identify because it portrays poverty. It doesn’t mean you’ll end up in poverty, it could mean you just took a financial hit. If you have been in this situation, you should know that there is help out there for you.

Every problem has at least one solution, whether you find it yourself or let the psychic help you. Many times, these problems are caused by personal emotions. Greed leads to loss, anxiety leads to error, and possessiveness leads to isolation.

Wheel of fortune

The Wheel of Fortune portends a great change in terms of prosperity and wealth. The letter shows a wheel with different figures and Hebrew characters. Supernatural characters are also shown around the wheel, at each corner.

If you get this card, prepare for a turning point. It’s a positive twist that could bring more good luck than ever, along with optimism and new opportunities. This card is primarily associated with money and career.

Three of Swords

The Three of Swords is one of those cards that you don’t want to see, but could be useful as a guide. Highlight a betrayal, pain, rejection and sadness. Such things cause painful emotions because most people don’t expect them.

But then, the letter serves as a warning. Something is about to happen. You could be about to get out of a toxic relationship, for example. All in all, whatever comes out of this letter will leave room for a more satisfying experience soon. Something is about to leave your life and make room for something even better.

The devil

Like the Death card, the Devil card is misinterpreted. It does not mean that you have done something wrong, instead it means that there is something negative in your life. Maybe you are surrounded by toxic friends or negative people. Perhaps you are addicted to something, or it may be that fear controls your life.

The Devil card is a warning. Even if you don’t see anything negative right now, it could happen at any time. So take the time to re-evaluate your life and make some changes before it’s too late.


These are some of the most important online tarot cards. Some of them indicate positive things. Others serve as warnings, so while they are seen as negative cards, they are not necessarily bad. It all depends on your perspective on things, as well as how the psychic aspect interprets them.​

The 10 most important cards of the Tarot online and what they mean