It’s completely gone | Barbara D’Urso marriage mystery: the drama has been going on for 21 years

Thursday 12 January arrives on Rai Uno, in prime time, God help us 7the fiction with Elena Sofia Ricci, in the role of Sister Angela.

After 12 years of production and 132 episodes filmed, God help us remains one of Rai’s warhorses, one to focus on and invest in, also thanks to sales abroad.

Elena Sofia Ricci during the interviews

Elena Sofia Ricci plays Sister Angela, an ex-convict who has chosen to completely change her life and put it at the service of others. In fact, the woman runs a boarding school that welcomes and hosts people in need.

And part of the locations, which form the backdrop to the series, were reproduced at the Rai headquarters in via Mazzini. Like the bar Divine cornerwith an illuminated sign and a polished wooden counter.

At the press conference of God help us 7 it was possible to take a peek, before going into the heart of the creation, through the words and stories of those who took part in first person. Like Ricci, Francesca Chillemi, Valeria Fabrizi And Pierpaolo Spollon.

May God help us 7, the press conference in Rome

During the press conference, there was talk of the new season of God help usprobably the last in which we will see Sister Angela leading the boarding school. Ricci’s idea would in fact be to leave the baton to Chillemi, who plays the novice Azzurra, and to embark on a new path.

God help us
Elena Sofia Ricci and Francesca Chillemi in a scene from Che Dio ci Ai 7 / VelvetMag

The beloved Tuscan actress feels the call of the stage boiling in her blood. Not surprisingly she will soon be on the scene with The sweet wing of youth by Tennessee Williams, one of his favorites. But she trusts that she is calm in entrusting the whole “shack” to her younger colleague. And she underlines how much Chillemi has grown, as an actress and as a woman, from year to year.

For its part, the latter moved and honoured from what she is told, she cannot fail to thank Ricci and all those who have allowed her to achieve a similar goal. Elegant in her black jumpsuit, with a plunging neckline and capable of highlighting her beauty which earned her the title of Miss Italy in 2003, the Sicilian actress will play a crucial role in God help us 7.

Laughter and love as strengths

THE strengths of such a long-lasting project can undoubtedly be found in the working group. The energy and attunement are tangible in the hall. Thanks also to a character such as Piepaolo Spollon, famous (and very popular!) on social media and increasingly present on television. From the photocall to the moment he takes the microphone, the beats are countless and, every time, they raise uproarious laughter.

Perhaps the great protagonist of this series is love, declined in many ways. The public felt invested by all this love. Elena Sofia Ricci

To give him support, at least on the set – according to what he declared – the veteran Valeria Fabrizi, aka Sister Costanza. Irony, mutual esteem and affection seem to be the main ingredients of the fiction, loved by the public and ready to be even exported to the United States of America!

It’s completely gone | Barbara D’Urso marriage mystery: the drama has been going on for 21 years