A new Open Day at the “Mary Help of Christians” Institute in Luino

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L’Parochial institute “Mary Help of Christians” Of Not him once again opens its doors with a new one Open dayon the day of Friday 13 Januaryduring which future students will be able to visit both locations, the one in via Sbarra and the one in via Confalonieri.

There presentation of educational proposals of the Institute will take place in the following ways:


At the headquarters in via Sbarra 3A free access without appointment from 17.30 to 19.00.


At the headquarters in via Sbarra 3A free access without appointment from 16.30 to 19.00


At the headquarters in via Confalonieri 4 access by appointment by contacting the secretariat by email segreteria@istma-luino.it or on 0332531678 from 2.30 to 7.00 pm.

Characteristics of the Parochial Institute

The Institute offers a challenging and engaging environment, with small classes, modular teaching based on the acquisition of skills e targeted laboratories specific to age groups.

The didactic and educational action of the Institute is based on the method of the Salesian charism, thus referring to the “Don Bosco’s Preventive System”: a pedagogical method of coexistence and communion, which allows each one to grow in one welcoming and familiar environmentwhere he can develop all his potential, acquiring new skills and walking following a clear proposal of faith.

In this sense, the Institute is a “house that welcomes” or rather an environment rich in trust and familiarity in which to experience the “family spirit”, a typical element of Salesian spirituality, a “school that leads to life” consisting in offering of the resources necessary for everyone to develop the fundamental skills and aptitudes for life in society and a “courtyard for meeting friends and living happily” following the indications of thebackyard experiencethat is, a call to leave formal structures and let yourself be guided by one pedagogy of joy, optimism and celebrationin a proposal of values ​​that are realized in a more authentic and close way.

The school is divided into four levels starting fromNursery which offers a valid and important educational proposal to children aged 3 to 36 months, welcomed in a training environment in which they can live a variety of growth experiences with welcoming and professional educational staff. The service competes to the education and affective, psychomotor, cognitive, moral and social development of children. It promotes, in close collaboration with families and local resources, the development and socialization of the child, safeguarding their rights and needs.

There Primary schoolon the basis of ministerial indications, sees a annual educational project, with a clear and well-defined theme, which characterizes the educational activities including the decoration of the classrooms and other school environments. The activities stimulate children’s natural curiosity in interacting with schoolmates and teachers. Laboratory activities are included within the educational project, such as the pre-graphism with specialized teachersthe psychomotricity with specialist teacher in Motor Sciencesthe approach to the language English, music, singing and, new this year, the yoga.

The Nursery and Infant School are located in the branch at via Sbarra 3A.

There Primary School it has large, modern and very bright classrooms. In addition to the prevailing teachers for each class, the school offers, starting from this school level, specialist teachers for the subjects of English, movement, religion, music and singing.

In addition to the normal didactic activity according to the ministerial lines, the Institute activates annual workshops mini-basketball, theatre, IT, tennis, guitar, cinema and swimming pool as well asintroduction to German and ai certification courses Cambridge Starrs and Cambridge Movers.

It has been active since last year project CLIL with specialized teacher: every week one of the subjects between science, geography, art, information technology and technology is taught in English. This brings the curricular timetable to three hours a week of the English language starting from primary school.

There Lower secondary school it operates, in harmony with the principles of the Constitution and ministerial legislation, maintaining the Christian approach firmly, placing the accent on the centrality of the person.

Parents and pupils are offered the opportunity to meet a reality rich in cultural and professional heritage and in dialogue with the local area. At the end of the lesson time, the students can take advantage (for three afternoons a week) of an additional hour of teacher-assisted study or of laboratories such as choir, sports laboratory, chemistry and biology, Latin, English conversation with a native teacher or the course in English aimed at obtaining the prestigious certification Cambridge Ket.

A study week abroad is also planned for the secondary class III.

There headquarters in via Confalonieriheadquarters of the Primary and Secondary School, has a large computer room equipped with the latest generation computers and each room is equipped with IWB – Interactive Multimedia Blackboard, for the projection of multimedia videos and computer-aided lessons .

There is also a librarya welcoming place to learn to love reading, a art classroom it’s a large internal courtyard where the boys play recess on days when weather conditions allow it. Sporting activities are carried out, as well as in the gym, also in this courtyard. There is also a large living room used for school gatherings or film screenings.

The school adheres to project Varese Green Schooloffers a service of school orientation at the end of the secondary school with an expert psychologist in the field, a course of emotional education in collaboration with the Istituto La Casa di Varese and organizes out in the area with various institutions such as CAI Luino and Parco Campo dei Fiori.

The Institute is equipped with canteen with internal kitchen and offers the possibility to take advantage of pre school and after school for all orders bringing the opening hours from 7.30 to 17.30.

The Primary School and the Lower Secondary School adhere to the School dowry – component of the Lombardy Region School Voucher which allows reductions on tuition fees of up to over 25% per year for Primary school and up to over 45% per year for Secondary school.

Information and further clarifications are available on the website www.istma-luino.it or by contacting the Institute at the email segreteria@istma-luino.it or at the number 0332 531678.

A new Open Day at the “Mary Help of Christians” Institute in Luino