Frantoi Aperti in Umbria at the origin of experiential tourism in Italy: the 25th edition kicks off

by Danilo Nardoni

The first, long, weekend of the 25th edition of Frantoi Aperti in Umbria is coming, the highlight of national oil tourism, which from Saturday 29 October, for five weekends, until 27 November, will celebrate the arrival of the new extra virgin olive oil of olive in the period of harvesting and pressing of the olives, offering experiences in the mill, among the olive trees, in the open air and in the squares of medieval villages and cities of art, linked to the world of quality extra virgin olive oil.

Experiential tourism “25 years of Frantoi Aperti are an extraordinary milestone for Umbria – comments Paolo Morbidoni, president of the Strada dell’Olio evo Dop Umbria – An event that has had the merit not only of promoting a completely new form of hospitality in the places of production , anticipating, in many respects, a phenomenon of experiential tourism that today is rapidly growing, but which has been able to rethink itself every year with originality and great transversality, thanks to a format that holds together the art of making oil with many others forms of art, in an absolutely admirable intertwining that was awarded last year as the best oleo-tourism experience in Italy. This gratifies us, but it is also the confirmation that the continuity of work and the professionalism developed in recent years by the Umbria Dop Oil Regional Road on these issues is a heritage of absolute value “.

First weekend To kick off the event, from Saturday 29 October and until 1 November will be the municipalities of: Amelia with @amerinolio 2022 (31 October and 1 November), Assisi which will be the protagonist with UNTO – Unesco, nature, territory, Oil; Giano dell’Umbria, with “La Mangiaunta” (29, 30 and 31 October), Todi where “Colori et Olio” is scheduled, Trevi who will propose “Festivol, Trevi between oil, art, music and taste” (29 and 30 October) and Trekking oil of the Olivata belt for 1 November; while in Tuoro sul Trasimeno there will be the “Oil Festival”. In addition, in the villages of Arrone (Tr), Campello sul Clitunno, Castel Ritaldi, Spello, Spoleto and Trevi, on Sunday 30 October, walking tours will be offered on the occasion of the “Walk among the Olives” organized by the National Association of the City of Oil. In every village and in every city of art that is part of the Frantoi Aperti circuit in Umbria, there will be guided tastings of extra virgin olive oil curated by expert tasters, musical moments among the olive trees and in the historic centers and a shuttle service connection between the historic center of the adhering municipality and the oil mills of the municipality itself.

EvooAmbassador It starts on Friday 28 October with dinners by the “Umbrian #EVOOAmbassadors – Witnesses of unique oils” who for this first appointment will be offered at the Il Moderno restaurant in Perugia where the menu will be dedicated to the new oil from the Gaudenzi oil mill in Trevi; and at the Il Frantoio restaurant in Assisi where the chef Lorenzo Cantoni will offer dishes paired with oil from Frantoio Locci di Giano dell’Umbria.

Comic oil Saturday 29 October the appointment will be with “Olio a fumetti e DJ Set – LIVE drawing in the mills” organized in collaboration with the Biblioteca delle Nuvole, with a workshop to be held from 11.00 to 20.00, at the Ricci Frantoio in Montecchio (Tr) , an in-depth study centered on the language of comics, with an exhibition of comic strips and cartoons, focusing on the “historical” relationship between oil and Umbria, which will be accompanied by a DJ set and aperitif with tastings of freshly pressed oil.

E-bike New in this edition will be the E-Bike appointments among the olive trees which, thanks to the partnership with YouMobility Bike, sustainable mobility marketplace and in collaboration with Fiab Umbria (FIAB Perugia Pedala APS, FIAB Terni, FIAB Foligno – Environment and Bicycle, FIAB Marsciano – Friends of the Bicycle, FIAB Gubbio – Associazione Valle dell’Assino) will take two-wheel enthusiasts along the paths that run through the hills of the five Dop Umbria areas, starting from Sunday 30 October in Trevi, where pedaling among the olive trees will lead to the concert “Sounds from the Secular Olives” at the olive tree of Sant’Emiliano where the Steven Paris One Man Band will perform, the walk will close at the Antico Frantoio I Mandorli with a visit to the oil mill and tasting of new oil. Monday 31 October the e-bike ride will be held in Amelia; while on Tuesday 1st November it will be the turn of Todi where the e-bike ride will allow you to visit the Frantoio Passo della Palomba and the Furioso path through places that recall the tradition and culture of oil.

Tales of Blackbeard Another novelty of this edition will be the “Tales of Blackbeard” in the mill. The most famous almanac in Italy will meet the public with bread and oil around the fire, to talk about traditions linked to the seasons and the fruits of the earth and to tell about popular culture starting from a proverb about oil. These are the first scheduled appointments: Sunday 30 October at Frantoio Filippi in Giano dell’Umbria (Pg), while on Monday 31 October the philosophy of the wise Barbanera will move to Frantoio Marfuga in Campello sul Clitunno (Pg) and to Frantoio Suatoni in Amelia (Tr).

Brunch tour Don’t miss the Brunch Tour – Brunch and music among the olive trees in special places in Umbria on Sunday 30 October, a series of itinerant events that lead lovers of art, nature, food and wine, music and spirituality to the discovery of special places of Umbria. The first appointment of the tour will be held in Todi at the Sant’Antimo a Petroro Abbey, the brunch will start at 12.30 and will also be reachable thanks to a walk organized by the Ulivo e la Ginestra Association, departing at 9.30 am from the Peppucci di Todi winery (Info tel. 347 1153245). The walk will lead to the discovery of the Todi countryside with the Martani mountains and the valley of the Todi hill to frame the journey, up to the Sant’Antimo a Petroro Abbey where lunch based on local products will be held in combination with oils of the land of Todi, which will be combined with the water of the Sources of Sassovivo in Foligno. Lunch will be accompanied by the concert of the trio “I Leoni di Notte” and at the end there will be a guided tasting of extra virgin olive oil, a visit to the Abbey and a meeting with the artist Bernardo Tirabosco, who on the occasion of the widespread art exhibition contemporary # CHIAVEUMBRA2022_Contemporary art | Nature | Storia_ESTATICA will carry out an unprecedented site-specific intervention that will be born directly on site and that will be visible only on Sunday 30 October at the Church of Sant’Antimo.

Sounds of olive trees Another event to be reported will be on Monday 31 October with the mini music festival “Sounds of the secular olive trees” which will bring music to the olive trees of Giano dell’Umbria, in particular near the Secular Olive Tree of Macciano where the “Tritone Duo”. It will be possible to reach the concert venue also thanks to the walk departing at 10.30 from the monumental complex of San Francesco di Giano dell’Umbria.

Second week Scattered throughout the region then, the villages and cities of art, on which the spotlight will turn on in the following four weekends of Frantoi Aperti: on 5 and 6 November it will be the turn of Amelia (Tr) who will propose @ amerinolio2022, to Assisi (Pg) will be held UNTO in the castles and in the territory; and in Spoleto (Pg) it will be the turn of “Spoleto in the plate. Tasting the new oil “.

Third week On the third weekend of Frantoi Aperti, 12 and 13 November, visitors will be welcomed by Arrone (Tr) with “Amor d’Olio”; Assisi (Pg) with UNTO in the castles and in the territory; Campello sul Clitunno with the “Feast of the Oil Mills and Castles” which will animate the Castle of Pissignano Alto on Sunday 13 November; Castel Ritaldi “The land of fairy tales”, where “Frantotipico” is scheduled; Gualdo Cattaneo (Pg) the village of the Castelli that will propose “The taste of bread, the taste of oil”; Magione (Pg) with “Olivagando”, Passignano sul Trasimeno (Pg) where “The summer of San Martino and the Flavors of Autumn” will be held and Spoleto (Pg) with “Spoleto on the plate. Tasting the new oil “.

Fourth and fifth week The fourth weekend, November 19 and 20, the protagonists will be the villages of: Assisi (Pg) with UNTO in the castles and in the territory (Sunday 20 November); Campello sul Clitunno (Pg), with the “Festival of the Mills and Castles” which will animate the Piazza della Bianca in particular (Sunday 20 November); Gualdo Tadino (Pg) which for the first time is part of the Frantoi Aperti circuit offering “Nostrolio a Gualdo Tadino. The Oil Festival of the Nostrale di Rigali ”; and Spello (Pg) with “L’Oro di Spello – Olive Festival and Bruschetta Festival” (from 18 to 21 November). To close this edition of Frantoi Aperti in Umbria, on the weekend of 26 and 27 November, will be Assisi (Pg) with “Unto nei Castelli del Territo”.

The Open Oil Mills in Umbria The heart of the event will be the oil mills, multifunctional places, welcoming as well as processing places, which will open their doors to visitors throughout the month of November. These are the 38 oil mills of the 25th edition of Frantoi Aperti in Umbria. Adherent oil mills in the Province of Terni: in Amelia the Suatoni oil mill, the Amelia Direct Cultivators Oil Mill and the Italy Hearth Oil Mill, in Arrone the Bartolini Emilio Oil Mill; the Frantoio Ricci in Montecchio (Tr); the Cecci oil mill in Castel Viscardo (Tr) and the Guardea oil mill in Guardea. Mills belonging to the Province of Perugia: the Frantoio Le Vecchie Macine in Assisi, the Azienda Agraria Decimi and the Frantoio Mannelli – Poggio degli Olivi in ​​Assisi, the Frantoio Petasecca Donati in Bevagna, the Frantoio Oleario Eredi Gradassi and the Frantoio in Campello sul Clitunno Marfuga, the Settimi oil mill and the Colle del Marchese oil mill in Castel Ritaldi, the Pozzuolese oil mill in Castiglione del Lago; in Collazzone Il Frantoio I Potti de Fratini, in Foligno the Antico Frantoio Petesse, the Frantoio dell’Eremo, the Molino il Fattore by Luigi Tega and in the historic center the Clarici Farm, in Giano dell’Umbria the Agricultural Company Moretti Omero, Agricola Locci, Frantoio Eredi Del Sero, Frantoio Filippi and Frantoio Speranza. In Gualdo Cattaneo the Az. Agr. Casa Rocco, Frantoio Clerici and Frantoio Silvestri, Frantoio CM Centumbrie in Agello di Magione, Frantoio Berti and Antico Frantoio Trampolini in Perugia, Frantoio di Spello Uccd in Spello, Az. Agr. Passo della Palomba and the Frantoio La Casella, in Torgiano the Frantoio La Montagnola and in Trevi the Frantoio Gaudenzi and the Trevi “Il Frantoio” Agricultural Company. In each village and in each city of art that adheres to the event there will be guided tastings of extra virgin olive oil curated by expert tasters, musical moments among the olive trees and in the historic centers and a shuttle service connecting the historic center of the adhering municipality and the mills of the same municipality.

Open mills 2022 It is an event that is part of the project “Experiences along the Roads of Dop Umbria Oil” – PSR for Umbria 2014-2020 – Measure 16.3.3., Organized by the Strada dell’Olio Evo Dop Umbria Association, with the sponsored by ENIT – National Tourism Agency, MIPAAF, Ministry of Tourism, Sviluppoumbria; in collaboration with the Umbria Region, the University of Perugia and with all the players in the Umbrian olive sector. Some of the musical moments are made with the support of the POR FESR Umbria 2014/2020 funds Az. 3.2.1. Public notice of support for live performances, “Musica tra gli Ulivi” project. Frantoi Aperti in Umbria 2022 has the support of important companies in the area: You Mobility – Marketplace of Mobility, VUSCom, BCC of Spello and Velino, Tartufi Alfonso Fortunati, Fonti di Sassovivo, Buini Legnami, Coop Central Italy and Collestrada Shopping Center. Technical partners are: Umbria Webcam, Barbanera, PiazzaUmbra Shopping Center and Flex Village. Official Green Carrier: Trenitalia.

Frantoi Aperti in Umbria at the origin of experiential tourism in Italy: the 25th edition kicks off