Autumn full of culture, the new season of the Circolo dei readers

The Circle of Readers inaugurates its new season drawing a cultural geography that starts from Turin And Novarapasses by Chambéry, France and Europe, involves the universe of the book with great authors and editorial news, casts a glance on the present with awareness of the past and vision of the future. This is ours mission: promote reading in all its forms.

The journey starts and reaches Europe, with the international project Vis-à-Vis: a reflection on the old continent starting from the thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau which unites two cardinal cities for the wandering Enlightenment from Geneva, Chambéry and Turin, to reflect on our vocation as Europeans and citizens of the world.

Another challenge! An increasingly varied and increasingly pluralist program. The demonstration that culture is without borders and that the Club knows no borders. An offer that ranges from the usual meetings with the authors, to festivals, reading groups, projects in prisons, spaces for children, the readers of tomorrow. With the enthusiasm and vitality that has always distinguished it, the Club spreads the only virus against which there is no need to vaccinate: that of culture. In the renovated spaces with the opening of new rooms, another year of living together begins»He comments Giulio Biinopresident of the Circolo dei readers Foundation and of the Turin International Book Fair.

«The restart of the Club this year is richer and more varied than ever: we want to start living again, listening, talking and reading together, to“ realize ”together a complex, problematic but also fascinating reality. From the comparison with the Europe of yesterday, today and tomorrow to a broad spectrum of suggestions such as only the “skin” – theme of Turin Spirituality now in its 18th edition – it can inspire many Italian and foreign authors who finally come back to visit us, in the presence, the autumn program of the Circolo dei readers is to be experienced ” is the synthesis of the thought of Elena Loewenthaldirector of the Circle of Readers Foundation.

Vis-à-Vis. Discourses on contemporary Europe in the reflection of JJ Rousseau

Soyez Humains, c’est votre premier devoir – Be human, it is your first duty: Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s thought triggers a reflection on Europe in the first edition of Vis-à-Vis, project that unites Chambéry and the residence of the philosopher at Charmettes with Turin and the Circle of Readers. Conceived by the Circolo dei readers Foundation e Civic Museums of Chambérywith the support of Interreg-Alcotra cross-border cooperation program, Vis-à-Vis is an international festival to reflect on the meaning of contemporary Europe, investigate its cultural dimension, observe its frontiers and values. After Jacques Rupnik – scheduled for this evening (6.30 pm) with a reflection on Europe starting from the pamphlet West prisoner (Adelphi) by Milan Kundera – at the Circolo writers and thinkers will tell many faces of Europe: Wednesday 14 September, Espérance Hakuzwimana he discusses with Vera Gheno the story of himself and of the new citizenships of Europe starting from his novel All, in the bookshop for Einaudi. Thursday 6 October the French philosopher Corine Pelluchon questions about the Enlightenment, the idea of ​​sustainable progress of the Enlightenment and Rousseau’s thought, starting from his essay For a new philosophy of the Lumiout for Donzelli (Circle of readers, 6.30 pm). From Transparency is the obstacleJean Starobinski’s essay on Rousseau, the reflection of the 2021 Strega Prize starts Emanuele Trevi (Thursday 13 October, 6.30 pm). According to Paolo Rumiz Europe lacks narration, a void that can only be filled by traveling and listening to the voice of the peoples, describing cities and towns, rivers and mountains; the writer and traveler intervenes with the lesson Europe, the lost emotion (Wednesday 19 October, 6 pm.30, in collaboration with Pastorale Migranti – Reception Festival). The poets will discuss the figure of the French philosopher Martin Rueff And Valerio Magrelli in the meeting Our Rousseau (Wednesday 20 October, 6.30 pm). To conclude the philosopher Maurizio Ferraris will stage an exciting head to head with the lectio Walking on all fours: Voltaire and Rousseau (Thursday 27 October, 6.30 pm).

I read what I like. Writers and writers, the great autumn meetings

Among the great Italian and international writers arrive in Turin in the autumn Cristina Comencini with Flashback (Feltrinelli), on October 3, Marco Missiroli with Have it all (Einaudi), on 6 October; October 4th, Francesco Costa presents his new essay California (Mondadori), in synergy with the Club, on the occasion of OGR talksformat of OGR Torino; Ernesto Ferrerohistorical director of the Turin International Book Fair and Strega Award in 2000 with N. presents on October 17 Family album, masters of the twentieth century live portraits out for Einaudi; on 12 and 13 November, as part of Biennial Technologythe Club hosts the Strega Awards Mario Desiati And Francesco Piccolo; at the Astra Theater, November 19, arrives David Quammen: the meeting is made with TPE Foundation in the framework of Black holes, the season of the Teatro Piemonte Europa. Beyond the first appointments of Vis-à-Vis And Turin Spiritualitythe September program of the Circle of readers in Turin presents, among others, the meetings with Alessandro Perissinotto (September 15), Luciano Violante (September 19), on 21 September Andrea Pomella with The unarmed god (Einaudi), Leonardo Caffo (September 23), Carlo Ginzburg(September 28) and many others and many other writers and writers.

Last 8 September it was inaugurated the new headquarters of the Circolo dei readers in Novara. The spaces of the Sforzesco Castle in the center of the city they are added to the “historic” headquarters of the Broletto, thus expanding the presence of the Circolo dei readers Foundation in the area. A great literary party open to all and dedicated to the theme of happiness. The event at the Castle inaugurated the autumn season of the Novara Club which in September is planning, in addition to the 5th edition of the festival Scribblesmeetings with fiction authors such as Andrea Pomella, Matteo Nucci, Federica De Paolisartists like Emidio Clementiguest of the Nu Festival, and literary insights such as the path Read Jane Austen conducted by the essayist Liliana Rampello.

Between September and October, the program includes three events of Proximatraining course for the world of communication dedicated to young people aged 18

at the age of 35 who concluded the Interreg Binario 9 and ¾ project, and who, after meeting the journalist of Internazionale Annalisa Camilliwill host the author and conductor at the Caserma Passalacqua Matteo Caccia and the radio and theatrical author Mauro Pescio for three special lessons on podcasting and audio storytelling.

The month of October continues with the editorial presentations of, among others, Cristina Comencini (Tuesday 4th October), Francesco Costa (Wednesday 5 October), Alessia Gazzola (Tuesday 11 October), Laura Pepe (Wednesday 19 October), and will conclude the last week of the month with a project dedicated to Italian colonialism, in collaboration with the Municipality of Novara. Among the authors the writer Carlo Lucarelliguest with a lesson on colonial Italy (Tuesday 25 October) as told by him in the trilogy of novels The time of the hyenas, The eighth vibration And Italy hotel (Einaudi); the Italian-Ethiopian writer Gabriella Ghermandiwith the scheduled lesson dedicated to Art as a reconstruction of the self and to the function of creating the stereotype on Afro descendant women (Wednesday 26 October); the Albanian poet Gëzim Hajdariwith a lesson on bilingualism as a way of dialogue between different cultures.
On the four Sundays in November i Dialogues with Science project in collaboration with Novamont with the support of Novara city and in collaboration with University of Eastern Piedmont And New Faraggiana Theater Foundationunder the patronage of ATL – Tourism of the Province of Novara. Climate warming, environmental crisis, pandemics, inequalities: the relationship between the human species and the Earth has been increasingly urgent for years. To respond to these requests, a series of meetings with the scientific curatorship of Telmo Pievani in which to reflect on the most urgent scientific themes and their most compelling narratives. A way to approach the general public and also the youngest, protagonists of the meetings and of the world that is changing.

After the storm of the pandemic, the season of the Club returns in presence and safety. Between the end of summer and autumn it is time for big festivals, in Turin and Novara.

Scribbles, Turin Spirituality, Classic Festival

TO Novara from 16 to 18 September it returns Scribbles: the 5th edition of “my first festival”, a project by Double zero and the Circolo, dedicated to the gesture of drawing and improvisation. The theme this year is At stake: figures and words. The dialogue between Pimpa’s father opens the festival Altan And Michele Serra; many guests including illustrators, artists, designers such as Olimpia Zagnoli, Guido Scarabottolo, Valerio Magrelli, Silvia Ferrara, Joseph of Naples, Gabriele Pino.

From 29 September to 2 October Torino Spirituality is experiencing its 18th edition and focuses on the border between oneself and the world, the Leather, cend but also extraordinary way of communication. It opens on Thursday 29 at 6.30 pm at the church of San Filippo Neri with the world champion and now an activist Lilian Thuram in dialogue with Father Zanotelli. Among the guests, the Nobel Prize for Literature Orhan Pamuk presents The nights of the plague (Einaudi), Joshua Cohen presents The Netanyahus (Code), Pulitzer Prize 2022, released in September in Italy; and then many actors, thinkers, women and men of worship discuss skin and contemporaneity, among them Fabrizio Gifuni,Luciana Littizzetto, Stefano Mancuso, Massimo Recalcati, Oliviero Toscani, Cecilia Strada, Gherardo Colombo, Vito Mancuso And Alessandro Bergonzoni, Jan Brokken, Frank Westerman, Nicola Lagioia And Valeria Parrella, Luigi Maria Epicoco, Enzo Bianchi and many others.

Between 1 and 4 December, the Classic Festival, now in its 5th edition. The leitmotif this year is Work: condemnation, law, utopia; to inaugurate it the lectio magistralis of Luciano Canfora.

In addition to the rich calendar of editorial news and festivals, the Foundation’s program includes a schedule of thematic focuses, reading groups, meetings for schools and activities for children.

Autumn full of culture, the new season of the Circolo dei readers – Il Torinese is starting