Art, the last form of freedom: Beppe D’Onghia guest of Profondouman

Beppe D’onghia

THE INTERVIEW The Deep Human festival, with the subtitle Inhabiting the world poetically, continues its meetings dedicated to the interior and to human spirituality. Next appointment Friday 23 September at 9 pm in the Giorgio Busca theater, with the title When music is poetry. The recited part is by the Albese actor Paolo Tibaldi, while the video part was entrusted to Serena Zaniboni. The musical part belongs to the teacher Beppe d’Onghia, Italian conductor and composer famous for having collaborated with many Italian artists, including Samuele Bersani and Lucio Dalla. In the past he collaborated with Intonando, with a memorable concert in San Domenico in 2013 dedicated to the Bolognese singer-songwriter.

For additional information on the program or tickets you can visit the site Pre-sales can be purchased in the Milton and San Paolo bookshops in Alba and in the La Torre book cooperative.

During the Alba evening of 23, you will stage an artistic “experiment”. What is it about?

«I will reproduce the sounds of the great Lucio Dalla, while the actor Paolo Tibaldi will interpret the lyrics of the songs and the illustrations by Serena Zaniboni will accompany the work. Everyone’s sensitivities will meet in a single language. As for Lucio Dalla, I think that the singer and author was inhabited by art and poetry, he was not only their interpreter. We will try to give shape to this greatness through the conjugation of music, acting and illustration. This is an unprecedented initiative. Like all things I don’t know, it stimulates me and I would define it in summary as a further evolutionary step in my personal concept of “evocation” ».

What are you referring to?

“By the term I refer to the act of getting naked towards reality and towards oneself, abandoning the masks and superstructures. It is a movement in contrast with some aspects of contemporaneity, which often “harnesses” in predefined perimeters and rigid identities. So the act of “getting naked” coexists with the desire to break the obligation to appear, giving back to thoughts a primary form far from belonging, fictions, wars. I refer to a condition made up of introspection, intuition and honesty, elements that bring us closer to art ».

What is art for you, if you were to define it in a few words?

“It could be considered as the ultimate concrete form of freedom. Also I see an analogy between art and life. I grew up alongside important creative personalities and I was able to get to know the profound conflict, of which they were bearers, between the individual biography and the artistic process. I also think that sometimes art uses the human being to communicate and make itself “graspable”, accessible and knowable by other human beings. When all this happens, then you enter a special condition of beauty ».

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Art, the last form of freedom: Beppe D’Onghia guest of Profondouman