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PILLAR SAGRA Today and tomorrow at the sanctuary of Charity, Madonna del Pilastrello in viale Europa 8 in Crema, festival. At hours 22.30 s. Mass celebrated by Fra Tommaso, pastor of the Sabbioni; tomorrow 25 at 21.30 s. Rosary. In church, available to all, sheets with proposals for prayer and formation to consult and take … Read more

Itineraries of the Spirit / 2. The sanctuary of the Madonna del Divino Amore | The New Torrazzo

An overview of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Divino Amore On a spring day in 1740, a pilgrim on his way to Rome gets lost in the countryside south of the city. There are some ruins, a farmhouse and an old one ruined tower with a painting of the Virgin Mary on it. The … Read more