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PILLAR SAGRA Today and tomorrow at the sanctuary of Charity, Madonna del Pilastrello in viale Europa 8 in Crema, festival. At hours 22.30 s. Mass celebrated by Fra Tommaso, pastor of the Sabbioni; tomorrow 25 at 21.30 s. Rosary. In church, available to all, sheets with proposals for prayer and formation to consult and take … Read more

Markets, it’s web alert 3.0. Micheli: “They have become a casino, crazy finance”

Technological development and the web have brought about tremendous progress, but also created an oligopoly and turned the market into a casino. The financier is convinced of this Francesco Michelialways considered one of the leading experts, spoke at Economy Festival which opened yesterday at Trento. “In a few decades – he said – there have … Read more