Viator Festival: minds, hearts and bodies on the Via Francigene del Sud

CORIGLIANO D’OTRANTO – The “Festival Viator, Minds, hearts and bodies on the Via Francigena del Sud”, dedicated to the paths, closes in Corigliano d’Otranto with three special appointments: Tuesday 27 December A part of me by Mirko Signorile replaces Cristogenesi my mystic christmas with Jury Camisasca unable to participate due to an indisposition, Wednesday 28 December Lay Mass for Don Tonino Bello, composition by Michele Lobaccaro of Radiodervish and Thursday 29 December Mosaico, a score inspired by the mosaic of the cathedral of Otranto.

The three appointments are scheduled at the urban laboratory of Corigliano d’Otranto and are organized in collaboration with the LuMbroia Association (information and tickets 3334234120 – 340 6940282).

Tuesday 27 December at 20.30 A part of me by Mirko Signorile, the experience lived in recent years with the lockdown has inspired the pianist Mirko Signorile to compose new pieces imbued with poetry, lyricism and spirituality. “A part of me” is a dreamy concert that suspends time to make room for a sober musical narrative, where what is necessary becomes the focus and climax of the entire performance. Atmospheres of new classicism and jazz pervade the black and white keys in a flow that is the search for an intimate and engaging emotional state. A magical and cinematographic concert to be experienced in one go.

Wednesday 28 December at 8.30 pm secular Mass for Don Tonino Bello, composition by Michele Lobaccaro of Radiodervish inspired by Don Tonino Bello, bishop on the front line for peace and for the fight against all forms of marginalization, where the most important pages are touched and highlights of his production such as “Maria, donna di fronte”, “La Lampara” and “Auguri uncomfortable”. A work created in the form of a musical mass that takes shape in the refined use of Mediterranean, ethnic sonorities with liturgical texts in Latin and songs in Italian taken from the most poetic writings of Don Tonino Bello. There is no shortage of experiments that bring together spiritual expressions belonging to different cultures, as in the case of the Kyrie that crosses over with the Islamic profession of faith.

In the composition of the lay mass Michele Lobaccaro follows the indications deduced from the numerous reflections elaborated by Don Tonino himself on the Eucharistic liturgy. In this regard, a key to interpretation used by the author lies in the indication, by the same original bishop of Alessano, that the mass should put us in crisis every time to throw us out, away from the repetition of the already seen to orient us towards the unpublished. Because, as Don Tonino wrote, peace is over, go to mass. because if you go to mass your peace is over. The passages from the mass soundtracked the medium-length film “Visioni di Pace” released in December. On stage Michele Lobaccaro, voice and guitar, Fabrizio Piepoli, voice and guitar, Alessandro Pipino, keyboard and accordion, Rocco Capri Chiumarulo, narrator.

Finally, Thursday 29 December at 8.30 pm Mosaic with Mauro Durante violin, singing, percussion, Redi Hasa, cello, Giovannangelo De Gennaro, singing, viella, wind instruments, Nicola Nesta oud, saze, robab and Fabio Resta, gaita, kavala, ney. Mosaico is a musical score composed of different pieces, inspired by the mosaic of the cathedral of Otranto. The design of this mosaic comes from the contribution of the various musicians who participate in the project. Different musical origins but with the same love in the heart for places of passage, on the border between worlds, such as the Strait of Otranto. From the suffering of the clash between different religions, which generated the historic martyrdom of Otranto, arises a harmonious work that ranges in a repertoire that looks to the Balkans and Salento. The presence of special guests such as Mauro Durante, Redi Hasa and Fabio Resta, custodians and original executors of two important traditions separated by a strip of sea, generates a short circuit that makes us travel from Santiago de Compostela to Istanbul.

The Viator Minds, hearts and bodies festival on the Via Francigena in the South, under the artistic direction of Giovannangelo de Gennaro and Michele Lobaccaro, has been combining art with the fascinating world of walking and pilgrimage for eight editions and the program for the next few weeks in dialogue musical realities that go beyond the external and internal boundaries, in search of new human, as well as artistic, horizons. Tickets and subscriptions can be purchased on the Vivaticket website and on site the evening of the concert. For information

Viator Festival: minds, hearts and bodies on the Via Francigene del Sud