These are the latest findings in the disappearance of Sandra Bermejo

The 32-year-old girl disappeared on November 8 in the vicinity of Cabo Peñas

Sandra Bermejoa psychologist from Madrid based in Gijón, disappeared on November 8 in the vicinity of Cabo Peñas and since then there has been no news of his whereabouts. In the first days of the search, his car was found parked in La Gaviera with his documentation, keys and wallet inside. The young 32-year-old psychologist liked to go for a walk and she knew the area, although her surroundings do not know exactly what she was doing there at that time. Her voice of alarm jumped when on the afternoon of her disappearance she did not show up for her theater class and the next day she was not in a family video call that she had agreed upon.

For now, all the hypotheses remain open, although it is true that his family ruled out suicide from the outsetSince there is no indication that it could have occurred, his fridge was full, there was nothing suspicious at home and on November 8 he was scheduling appointments with his patients for the following days.

In recent days, it has come to the fore that Bermejo had been involved in esoteric groups for years, «Since his stay in Madrid, it was not something he had to hide, much less, his family knew him. He did it, first, because of his way of being, he is a person with a desire for knowledge, what these groups are looking for is more individual knowledge through many methods, “explains Joaquín Amills, president of the SOS Desaparecidos association.

“In addition, as a professional she is very interested in it, even from the point of view of alternative therapies, it is not surprising. Even I know that in groups that Sandra was in there are doctors, psychologists… very qualified and highly prepared people»Add.

Likewise, Amills also clarifies that an esoteric group is has nothing to do with a sect, is “as different as night from day, these groups seek personal growth from spirituality, it is nothing new, the consumption of ayahuasca and other herbs comes from many years ago, from cultures where it has been a form of spirituality and go deep into yourself. esotericism It has nothing to do with ritualsas it is being understood, you are doing yourself a disservice by putting the subject of sects, when it is totally different ».

They don’t get people either., there is not a leader who proclaims himself God or isolates people, explains the president of SOS Desaparecidos. “On the contrary, in esoteric groups what the person tries is to know more about himself, the universe, life and have a much broader knowledge,” he says.

“We cannot draw any conclusions from anything”

«All the hypotheses are open, that there is an issue that may or may not be important that she was in those groups, that she had met someone …? It’s that we don’t know, Nothing can be ruled out and nothing can be affirmed»explains Amills.

Regarding whether these groups are violent, he denies it and argues that “Someone can get out of hand in any group and in any situationwhat an individual exercises on a personal level you can find it anywhere, you don’t have to be more prone in these groups. How many people have died from an exorcism and in religion it is classified as a good thing? If the person doing it goes off the deep end, it can cause a disaster.”

“We are in a situation where we can’t draw any conclusions from anythingWhat we have is that his body has not appeared and we all think that it is not a voluntary disappearance,” he stresses.

The Police analyze a shirt and the label of some tights the size of Sandra

Wednesday of last week, a person found the label of a pair of sports leggings that correspond to Sandra’s size and sent the images and its location to SOS Desaparecidos, who later handed it over to the Police for analysis. Also recently someone else found a shirt the same size as Police analyze to find possible biological remains.

«We cannot speculate, we do not know if they can be hers or not. What is evident is that on the 11th, 12th and 13th that shirt was not in the area. There’s a 99% chance that he wasn’t.after all that the area was reviewed by land, sea and air, this garment was not seen, it is very difficult for me, ”he explains Joaquin Amills.

«It may have arrived by sea, because it has been expelled, by air that has moved it or by land because someone has thrown it away. The garment is dirty, it has not been there aloneI think it’s dirty from the waves. The only thing we can say is that it is your size, the Police will have to analyze it. The family does not recognize it, which is normal for them not to recognize what the wardrobe of a person who has been away from home for two years and who is 32 years old is like, there are clothes that you can identify but there are many that you cannot”, he emphasizes.

The investigation continues its course and all the hypotheses are considered. “We reaffirm that it is an involuntary disappearance. Under what conditions? We do not know if it is due to the act of a third party or a forced disappearance, that is already a matter for the Police, “concludes Amills.

These are the latest findings in the disappearance of Sandra Bermejo